My Trip Report! SWA946 MDW-SEA - March 26th, 2019

My Trip to the Pacific Northwest


Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed I haven’t been on the IFC too much. But that’s because I was travelling all along the coast of Washington State and skiing in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. So now on to the airline that got me to Seattle. Obviously I flew Southwest with the routes of GRR-MDW-SEA (not including my flight of GRR-MDW because it was 30 minutes long).

The call sign we used was SWA946/WN946 with service to Seattle, departing at 8:15 AM CDT and arriving in Seattle at 10:55 AM PDT.

Here is my plane that will take me to Seattle! A 4 year old Boeing 737-8H4 with the registration of N8659D.

Here is us pushing-back for an on-time departure. We pushed back from A16 and we would be departing runway 4L.

Now here we are waiting in line for take-off at 4L. We were 3rd in line with 2 inbound so it was a little bit until we started our take-off roll.

Woah what a picture! Here is us banking left towards the west immediately after take-off to avoid Chicago’s downtown and to also avoid ORD’s busy traffic output at this time in the morning. Chicago’s skyline is always very beautiful!

Welcome to our cruise altitude of 36,000 feet or FL360. It was quite cloudy as we went west so the pictures weren’t the greatest because it was all white! At this time the crew served drinks and snacks. I got a coke for my drink, and Southwest pretzels and Oreo’s for my snack (or breakfast)! All tasted very good!

Once we got over middle of Montana the clouds finally started to clear up! So I took this opportunity to snag some photos of the snowy mountains!

But again started to get cloudy on our approach into Seattle:( It made a nice picture with broken clouds and the landscape of central Washington!

Now here’s the final descent into Seattle, setting up for an ILS 16R approach/landing. In the view is suburbs of Seattle and Puget Sound which is very very pretty!

Now here is one of the best pictures of my trip! Since we were landing South I got some amazing pictures going right over Seattle’s city! If you look closely you can see the Space Needle, downtown, and the museum of Pop Music (I think). But this photo is just stunning!

After landing in Seattle, we parked at gate B10 next to another Southwest 737. The landing wasn’t the greatest but it could’ve been worse XD. Also right behind us when we landed was an Emirates B77W from Dubai which was cool!


Overall this flight clocked in at 4 hours and 10 minutes with an arrival about 20 minutes early which was great! Service from Southwest is always through the roof, just such a great crew we had! Flight was smooth, not very bumpy and very comfortable! Seat was alright, I’m very tall and it was one of Southwest’s older cabins so I didn’t get too much legroom which was a bummer.

Overall I’d give this flight an…


Thanks for reading everyone! I’ll be back with spotting pictures from KPAE because I was there for a few days too.

Thanks all!


It’s always fun rocketing out of KMDW. Cool report!


Yes I love Midway too! Thank ya very much!

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Awesome trip report. I wish I could travel more! 😂

Quick tip:

Whenever you ask for a drink, request them to keep it in the can, I’ve done that everytime, and I never spill in turbulence, and you get a full can of coke. 🤗

I seem to be the only person that never gets a Southwest 737 with split scimtars. 😂


I’ve been to SEA many times and landing there is always amazing! :D

Great trip report! :D

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Never really thought of this!

Well this was a -800 so it’s basically a 80% chance you’ll get one😜

Thanks @BigBert10!

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Yeah, I’ve usually only flown on the -700 since there isn’t much demand out of Richmond.


Could get lucky with a 737-700 with splits!

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I’ll do this in two weeks, can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s face when they see I get a can and they get a small cup 😂


Is this the same trip?

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Yep! Toured around Washington for a few days then drove to ski north of Vancouver.

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