My trip on Z-KMCX (Air New Zealand flight 5039) AKL-NPL

Kia Ora! This is my experience on Air New Zealand flight 5039, An ATR-72, from AKL (Auckland) to NPL (New Plymouth). I have many photos I want to share first of all! This is my first trip report BTW! Here are the photos:

Overall the flight was great. The flight attendants were very friendly, plenty of legroom, and nice views. I’d give the flight a 9/10! One note, I can’t do anything about the dates in the bottom-right corner, that’s just what my camera does. Thanks for reading this! :)


I forgot Auckland was raining pretty much all day. Nice flight report.


My hat nearly blew whilst boarding lol


Great photos mate 👍🏼

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just some random Malaysian passing by, great photos btw, haven’t seen the old ANZ livery in a while


What a complete weather change! How was the turbulence

There was heaps of it

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