My trip from Savannah to Bozeman

Hey guys! I wanted to share a few photos from my most recent trip. This was all on Delta. My departure on Oct 19th was from KSAV, then on to KATL-KSLC-KBZN. My return on October 23rd was KBZN-KMSP-KATL-KSAV. I took this trip with my mom in celebration of my 17th birthday (Oct. 9th). It was a great trip! Sorry if the quality isn’t the best. I took this from my phone. Here they are!

717 to KATL to start a 15 hour aviation day!

Walkway between Concourse A and B at ATL.

Heres my 757-300 for the 4 hour flight to SLC!

My A320 to BZN taken from SLCs new South Concourse!

Caught this gem pulling into the gate! (KSLC)

It was dark when we arrived, but this is what I woke to in Emigrant, Montana!

On the A321 from BZN-MSP. After a short delay for deicing!

757-300 wing view from the deicing pad in MSP. With an A330 in the back. On the way to ATL!

Down in ATL! Nice to see a beautiful 767-300ER headed for KJFK!

A very dirty window view of the 717 engine. On my way back home to KSAV!

I hope yall somewhat enjoyed these pics! Like I said, picture quality wasn’t the best. Im beyond grateful for my mom taking me on the trip. It was awesome!


Amazing report! Keep up the great work!


Thanks so much! I would’ve taken more time on the writing aspect but im too lazy 😂 @Robertine

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Nice photos! I live in Atlanta.

Thanks! I lived in Henry County for about a year! @Austrian001

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