My Trip from FIMP-CYYZ

I forgot to send some pictures I took a while back from MRU-CDG-YYZ. I just remembered them now so here you go :)

Something kinda cool I found was at the int’l terminal there was a bit of a timeline posted of the history of the airport and aviation in Mauritius. I couldn’t take a lot as I was running a bit late and the timeline was too long. So I just took pictures of two of them.


That’s the Air Mauritius A340-300E I took from MRU-CDG. I’m gonna miss them as they will slowly get retired by the A350-900 and A330neo’s they ordered. Though the cabin good though it’s a bit cramped when you’re 6ft tall but the IFE was good but the touch screen was so bad that using the remote controls were easier



I couldn’t record the takeoff cause it was too dark and my camera’s battery died but I did record the landing at Paris though it was a bit shaky

I had a 8hr stopover before my flight to CDG. While switching terminals I was able to take two pictures.


After that I had nothing to do cause the terminal I had to go to had no place to do some spotting so I had to wait until I got onto the plane. During the taxi I was able to take a couple of pictures.





I gotta say out of everything on that trip the best part was the 8hr trip from CDG-YYZ. It was amazing I was able to use the IFE the whole trip (sarcasm)

I’m just kinda relived that wasn’t on the 12hr flight before…

Well that’s about it hope you guys liked it :)


Nice flight, this belongs in #real-world-aviation though, not #real-world-aviation:spotting, my favorite part was the concorde though :D

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When somebody puts their hair in front of my IFE screen it gets real.


She was asleep and I just didn’t know what to do lol I was stuck doing nothin for 8 hours.

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That’s when you either move their hair by throwing it in front of them or you sneak scissors onboard to cut the hair off. LOL 😂

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Just pull on it and when she looks at you say “Oh I’m so sorry. I thought your hair was the cord for my personal waiter. Oh waiter waiter dearest please I need my tea!” (I have no clue why British accents popped into my mind while I was typing this)


lol I should try those ideas the next time I encounter that agian 🤣🤣

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Just act like a little kid and kick on the seat and be like,
“Oh, I didn’t know anyone was sitting there” 😂

Those little kids my gosh 😂

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That is the most bloody annoying thing! It’s a nice big IFE screen though. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the flight.

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