My trip from ATL to GSP

Back on Dec. 31st me and my family drove from B’ham to Atlanta to fly out to Greenville. While in Atlanta we stayed one night in the Renaissance hotel at the airport!! I was to lazy to post these pictures until now but here you go

Our view when we first arrived

DL A330 arriving at ATL

DL 763 at point of touchdown (sorry for bad quality)

Retired DL 744 sitting out in a parking lot

DL Md-80 departing from ATL (if you look closely you can see the smoke coming out of the engines)

Size comparison of a man to an A330 engine😜

This was Clintons campaign plane! Even though I don’t like her, it was still pretty cool to see it!!

Cathay Cargo 748!!

Korean Air A380 (this is the first A380 I’ve ever seen in real life!!)

Cargo 744 in GSP bringing BMW parts to BMW’s Spartanburg plant

The flight up to GSP was great and on schedule (only 29 minutes!!). The flight back however was 1 and a half hours due to us having to circle because of bad weather. It was the scariest flight I’ve been on because of the turbulence

This was the first point that I could see Earth since we took off

This was the landing into ATL


Nice pictures
Also I think that cargo 747sp used to be used by Saudi Arabian because of the paint on the plane.

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Great pics!

That wasn’t very bumpy what you talking about 😂

You have to get views somehow😂

What’s with all the DAL 767’s at ramp, nice pics

IIRC, that’s where Delta a/c sit either waiting for TechOps, to free up gate space, to RON (Rest OverNight), or some other reason. Either way it’s a remote stand that they use to park planes when they aren’t using them.

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Saw this one during a flight lesson once!


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