My Trip Exploring Aviation In Europe Part 1

On June 25th, 2018 I went on a trip to France and the U.K. Throughout my vacation I was able to see many things I had never seen before involving aviation, I gotta say it was great. This will be a three part series of just myself exploring aviation in Europe overall (actually it should’ve been four but I’m debating on whether that part would be worth it). So I hope y’all enjoy the pics I took :)

Location 1: Le Musée De L’air et De L’espace ( Also Known as the Air and Space Museum)

The museum at Le Bourget was pretty interesting, if any of guys visit Paris you gotta com here. I had my camera with me all charged up to take photos but I was stupid enough to forget my SD card at home so…yeah…good job me. I tried using my Galaxy A5 don’t to take some good pics and they seem to have turned out alright so these are the best ones I got, and also my battery was at 15% so I couldn’t get as many as I wanted, but I hope you like what I got :)

1. Armée De L’Air DC-8

A former French Air Force DC-8-50 (F-RAFE) delivered in 1986, though it was unfortunate I couldn’t take a look at the interior. From what I understood it was used for intelligence gathering and had its final flight in 2001.

2. Air Inter Dassault Mercure ( F-BTTD)
This was supposed to compete with the 737 but it failed tremendously with only the French Airline Air Inter purchasing some. To me it seems to have the fuselage of an A320 but everything else has the similar qualities to a 737. I think this was the 4th Mercure ever made based on what I researched.

3. Douglas C-47A Skytrain Dakota
I don’t have much information on this aircraft but I can say it was pretty neat visiting a plane used in WWII to send troops to the front lines. The interior of the plane was kind of cramped though.

4. A Giant Surpise (F-WWDD)

I’m not quite sure why it was there but I don’t think it’s a new addition to the museum.

Now onto my favorite ones

6. The Concordes
This was the best part, my first visiting a Concorde in real life, I was able to visit the insides of Concorde 001, the French Concorde and the first one to ever fly. There were a few equipment left on board that was used for testing which was pretty neat. Also next to it was F-BTSD, the former Pepsi livery Concorde. The interior was pretty interesting, the seats were pretty small, and the windows could be completely covered with one of your hands. Also looking at the Olmypus engines up close were pretty cool.

7. Finally an Air France 747-100
This exhibit was also pretty good, F-BPVJ’s final flight was in 1997 from JFK-CDG (correct me if I;m wrong on that) and was sent to Le Bourget in 2000. There are many mini exhibits within the aircraft itself which shows a lot of Air France’s old interiors and some facts about the 747.

Part 2 will be about somewhere pretty interesting that I got to go to, more interesting than this for now it’s a secret but if you want, try to guess where it’ll be 😏

Again the picture quality was supposed to be better but yeah…sorry bout that


Apparently this is what the A380 was doing there. You went there in June,but a search on JetPhotos leads you to this photo. It’s also at Le Bourget! This photo was taken in October! Kind of weird,don’t you think?


Wow, I cannot beleive there is so much accessibility! I can’t even tell the quality is bad.


I actually wasn’t sure if it was an exhibit since it was blocked off from the museum grounds and was on the airport grounds.

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