My Tribute to the Air Canada 767

We all knew this day would come. We just hoped it would’ve stayed away for a little longer. Yesterday, Air Canada announced the retirement of all 767s (and some other aircraft) across both mainline and Rouge. 31 of them have been around during my time spotting (6 mainline (5 officially, one is now CargoJet), 25 Rouge), and I’ve spotted 23 of them (5 mainline, 18 Rouge). They have been an absolute staple in Canada’s aviation industry ever since their introduction decades ago. They were always one of those aircraft you could spot over and over again and never get bored. And now they’re gone. This is a collection of my best shots as a tribute to this classic.

C-FCAE, FIN 682, LN 215, 32.1 Years. Given a second life as a freighter for CargoJet.

C-FMWV, FIN 634, LN 599, 24.5 Years. Stored.

C-FMWY, FIN 635, LN 604, 24.2 Years. Stored.

C-FMXC, FIN 636, LN 606, 24.2 Years. Stored.

C-FTCA, FIN 638, LN 259, 31.1 Years. Active, likely stored soon.

C-GDUZ, FIN 646, LN 399, 28.6 Years. Stored.

C-GHOZ, FIN 685, LN 249, 31.1 Years. Stored.

C-GLCA, FIN 641, LN 361, 29.2 Years. Active, likely stored soon.

C-GSCA, FIN 642, LN 372, 29.0 Years. Stored.

Hats off to these legends. Hopefully they all will go on to fly for another airline, but the skies over Canada will never be the same.


Great Photos Andrew. Have a good rest AC 767.


All photos are just amazing.

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Great Photos!

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Very Neat.

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She will be missed.


Neat indeed.

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Fantastic pictures of this very interesting plane. Not the best from the looks, but a real powerhouse from the outside and inside. This aircraft can make a really well job as we see with Condor now and it has defiantly grown on me. Well miss you B767 with Air Canada and I am very happy to still be able to see one here in Germany.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

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Although a good looking aircraft, I’m sure passengers won’t miss it very much. I flew LEBL-CYUL irl and they didn’t even have an IFE they only had iPads for rental.

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This is such a sad topic but at the same time warms my heart, great pics!

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Laguardia won’t be the same without the rare AC 767. Only seen them a couple of times, mainly due to previously canceled YYZ flights. Hopefully some will get a second life

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Yeah, I haven’t flown AC’s, but the 767 I did fly (United), delivered a very solid experience for any airline, let alone United. Sounds pretty good too.

Yeah they’re quite old. AC hasn’t really been putting money into them since they were supposed to retire next year anyways, and Rouge is budget so yeah.

Bittersweet for sure. Thanks!

Totally forgot they flew it there lol. I’m hopeful CargoJet will pick them up, they seem like the most reasonable option.

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oh my LAWWWDDD. These are some fantastic photos, Andrew! Absolutely amazing work! Those AC Rouge 767s… 😍😍😍

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yup, they’re handsome aircraft. Thanks for the kind words!

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Beautiful… Rest In Peace Boeing 767. Let us pray that they (Boeing) release the 767X.

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Awesome photos there, just like always. Quite stunning there in the second one!

And goodbye Air Canada 767, you will be missed.

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RIP Air Canada 767.

At least WestJet still has them :)

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Putting bigger engines on a plane…third time’s the charm I guess?

Thanks! And yeah who’s cutting onions in here?

Doubt for long. Those things are 30-some year-old ex Qantas jets.


WestJet still hasn’t really decided to replace them fully with the 787.
The 767’s are still pretty useful to them.

We’ll see how it plays out but they’re definitely getting up there in age, already off TATLs

Great photos
Not a rip tho for me

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