My tribute to KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736

41 years ago, the worst disaster in aviation history occurred at Tenerife where two B747-200s collided in foggy weather killing 583 people dead and and leaving only 61 survivors. KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736 will be remembered for years to come.


We can only hope this will remain the deadliest aviation accident ever. Seeing how far we’ve gone since the 70’s, it most likely will


Don’t get ahead of yourself. This is clearly an Infinite Flight photo showing tribute to a real world event. He put this in the right category


Wow A+ for making a unique flight

Lets hope it never happens again. Ive been to Tenerife a lot of times. I have never been to the northern Airport but I have seen it from the sky many times. Every time I think of what happend there, all those years ago. 583 people should never have to die in order for saftey to become better, not even 1 should have to die. But die they did, but at least their deaths helped make flying safer. My condolenases to their families and relatives.
This is the most amazing IF tribute I have ever seen.


It’s not meant to be a unique Flight, it’s a photoshop/edit as a tribute to the anniversary of the worst aviation accident in history.

I’ve remembered watching the aftermath on the television. Sad stuff. With faulty tower visual and miscommunication between fellow pilots in low visibility, I hope for high hopes for their families to remember their loved ones. Trajec ATC error mainly.

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I might do that to. But, nice tribute to the disaster, good idea!

This is just really sad. That tragic day when the captain decided to take off without permission. :(

Everyone on board the KLM was killed and very few of the passengers on board the Pan AM survived. :(

We all hope that an accident like that will never happen again. The problem is that even though we have advanced technology today, it is still possible that something like that can happen. We’ve seen it with the Air Canada incident in San Francisco. That was a pretty close call. At the end of the day it’s not only about technology. As long as we have humans flying planes and humans controlling the airspace, errors will be made. Humans make errors, that’s natural. We have technology that helps us to prevent those errors but technology itself can have some flaws. Also a robot can make mistakes. There’s always a chance that this accident or similar accident may happen again. There’s no 100% guarantee in safety. Thanks to the technology we have today as well the improved training and the lessons we’ve learned from the past, the risk that something like this will happen again of course is significantly lower. And as I said we all hope that it will remain a risk and that it will never become reality.


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