My travel to Warbird Weekend (live updates)

I thought it would be fun to do a chronicle of my travel adventures at 2017 Warbird Weekend. I will be updating this as the day goes on and will include pictures if possible. Forgive spelling and grammar as I am on the go. For more information on Warbird Weekend click HERE

Thursday 8:30 am
I received my email from American that it was time to check in. I don’t know why but I always feel the need to check in as soon as possible. I jump on IFATC slack and chat with some of the other controllers who are going so we can plan where to meet. Josh, Sam, Gary, Cameron, Misha, Seb are the ones I know going outside of the usual gang of Jason, Mark, Tyler, and the FDS crew.

Friday 3:00 am
I woke up. Why did I get a 5am flight? Let’s work backwards. The flight takes off at 5:05 am. They start boarding at 4:35 am. I need to be there a little early to get through security so say 4:15. Takes me 30 minutes to get there so that’s 3:45. Plus time for food, 3:30. Wow. Why did I do this again? My wife would not go through this effort to meet her Candy Crush friends lol. PS I cut it really close on time…

Friday 4:00 am
Whataburger breakfast… The perfect way to start your travel day! I am currently right downwind of the drivethrough wndow.

Friday - San Antonio Airport
I live in the San Antonio area which means that for me to get anywhere I usually must stop in Dallas first. It’s not a horrible flight as it is about 40 minutes and Dallas gives me a plethora of places to eat. The good thing about the hop is that it quickly builds up my status which was a bonus after I moved. The San Antonio airport is on the smaller side with about 24 gates total. The small size comes in handy to help keep the security lines to a minimum. There are two terminals, Terminal A is for Southwest and Delta, Terminal B is for American and United. Both terminals have their own security checkpoint to it helps to expedite entry. The airport is under construction at the moment, so parking is a complete mess, but it will be worth is when it is complete.

Sadly, American is retiring their MD80s so majority of the flights from KSAT to KDFW are on an A321. They are newer and have in flight entertainment in the seats. Due to me traveling so much for work, I have gained enough points and miles that I was able to get first class seats. The first-class section is smaller, but the seats are comfortable and with plenty of leg room. Before you bash me for flying first, I am 6’6" and these are my knees, so I will take any leg room I can get.

For those who like to airplane stalk, American flight AA2332 from KSAT to KDFW.

Time to board, will check in once I get in-flight wifi.


Ah, i planned to do exactly this. Then life came in the way and i’m stuck here.

Nice Chris! You’ll have a blast.


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I see you uploaded a picture of your knee specifically for this post. Have fun!


You can sure tell when you are getting close to the metroplex. Currently right downwind of the airport
Just imagine being able to fly this same exact route in IF. The airport editors did a great job with DFW airport from what I saw in beta testing. One day I was bored and mimiced AA’s DFW<->SAT schedules. It was fun to follow along.

Sorry for the crappy picture.



Made it to Dallas and am relaxing in the AA Admirals Club. Club membership can be purchased annually with points or with cash as well as complimentary for overseas flights. The club has dedicated wifi, comfy chairs, showers, workstations, bar, kids area, and others. I prefer to use my points for things like this as opposed to flights. To me I get more out of this during the year than the one flight I can get for the same amount of miles. They have delicious brownie and the restrooms are much cleaner than the terminal.

I swear @GHamsz was doing the approach because it felt like we went two miles past the runway and turned base for a super short final. Turn, turn, turn, touchdown. Looks like one of the IFATC tester patterns.

I was planning to take pictures of the DFW tram system which gives you an elevated look at all the parked planes. But since it was still booty early it was hard to see the planes so I will get some on the way home. If you are ever at DFW be sure to take the tram around the airport at least once. It doesn’t take that long but it gives a great opportunity to spot. Terminal D is where all the heavies park for the international trips.

Now I wait two hours for my flight to Atlanta.


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