My tracking thread

Chasing IFATC around the world using only real world liveries and picking up where I left off before.

Flight Number Departure Destination Aircraft Flight Time Remarks
Qantas 7 YSSY KDFW A380 15:08 Tower control in Sydney, ILS 35R
American 2235 KDFW KDEN A321 1:39 Approach and Tower in Denver, ILS 35L
Frontier 386 KDEN KSAT A320 1:39 First time to San Antonio, Tower in both Denver and San Antonio, ILS 13R
United 2108 KSAT KIAH A320 0:31 First time to Houston (any airport), visual 8R
United 253 KIAH PHNL B777 7:44 Tower into Honolulu, visual 8R
United 903 PHNL RJAA B777 Unknown Friday Night Flight, App crashed descending through 10,000 feet

Sounds like a great fun! However, please keep your adventures to the following threads: Global Flight - The Log Book and Infinite Flight Tracking Findings. Have fun, happy flying!

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Better park at Gate D16X 👀

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