My touch and goes don't count as landings

I dropped down to Grade 2 because of the new grade requirements and I started doing touch and goes for landings on the casual server, but they’re not counting I have done it on the apron and the grass a few times. (because its casual server duh.) is that the reason they’re not counting?

I believe you have to land on the actual runway for them to count

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has to be on a runway

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Ooh that makes sense thank you.

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Hey there!

You may be doing your patterns too quickly. Landings will only count if done 30 seconds or more apart from each other.

Edit: And yeah. Preferably on a runway


Thank you. :)

Maybe thats the problem, thanks :D

How do you move your grade up? I’m still stuck on Grade 1

I’d take a look at the tutorial linked below, whatever is in orange is what you are lacking in terms of requirements.

preferably on a runway and make sure irs a big airport such as Heathrow or any airport with multille runways for that matter

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