My top10 of this year

Hey there, I’m Fabio and today I’m going to show you my best screenshots of this year.
I know I know…, these screenshots don’t have omg cloud editing or omg weather editing. This is just my top 10 of literally this whole year. I only started making screenshots last summer and people say that I’m getting better and better.
Well, sit back relax. Put you luggage in the overhead bin, put your devices in airplane mode.
Here we go,

Number 1: yes…, can’t miss it. My first ever screenshot. This was at the MSP event. Awesome event and thank you to the event creators for creating such a nice event

Number 2: this time I’m going for the category “landscape”. Here you can see the wonderful landscape of Kenya. (Definitely recommended for a visit)

Number 3: this picture was taken during the FNF at RJAA. It was a stunning flight and this was actually one of my first sunset shots

Number 4: ahhh, yes… the memories. This was when I was trying to find out how people get that IF-moon so big. So I watched @DeerCrusher’s tutorial and thanks to him, this is my very very first moonshot

Number 5: this was also during a FNF, cruising above the English fog. With some edits of course, and with those edits I think that the Delta plane perfectly fits in with the fog🤩

Number 6: rare footage of Rudolph with his shiny nose

Number 7: this one was taken a few days before the a35” was released. I asked my friend if he wants to be in one of my shots. Gladly he agreed. (He’s the 787)

Number 8: oh yeah, definitely one of my favourites. This beautiful picture was taken above the Dominican Republic. It was supposed to be a groupflight, but no one actually came. Nevertheless, I did create this shot

Number 9: made this for a unapproved VA (guess which one). Cruising above the Arabian mountains and deserts

Number 10: wow… 10 already? Alright…, here we go. A cubby moonshot. I did this flight because a lot of people were making pics of the a350, while the poor cubby was left behind. So I did a flight with her (as you can see, he is very happy now). Was a small flight in the Rocky Mountains with the hardest approach ever. And I also created this slogan for Christmas: “give someone a huggy, than this will be a happy cubby”.

Thank you guys so much for this year

I’ve had an amazing year with you guys, supportive, helpful and friendly.

I wish you guys a very merry Christmas 🎄 and an amazing new year 🎇

Bye 👋😊


Flydubai VA!

Nice pictures! I really like the one in Kenya and the Tokyo-Narita one!


Amazing screenshots and a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too!

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I’m the frontier aircraft on the first photo

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The background for 3 looks like a cartoon 😂 Awesome pictures!

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Yeah, those are my favorites too. Thanks for you compliment and merry Christmas 🎄

@twig thank you😊

@Voyager456 lol, I know. I think I was one of the only long-haulers. Lmao. Merry Christmas and a happy new year🎇🎄

@Aero wanna know a secret? It isn’t, it’s a stunning Infinite Flight sunset. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎄🎇


Wow! I love shot number 3, it’s a real standout. The colours and mountainous background is so nice. Also shot 8 for the same reasons and the framing with the sun. And of course the MD-11 needs a feature, it seems a bit neglected.

I can’t for the life of me get a moon shot. I think I understand how it works - free cam positioning and double tapping to zoom into the aircraft and get the perspective, right?

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Yes, and if you really want to be sure, watch Deercrushers tutorial. It really helps

Thank you for the compliment😊
I wish you a merry Christmas and an amazing new year☃️

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