My top ten screenshots so far!

With the new #screenshots-and-videos topic out, I want to show the top 10 best pics I’ve took and edited prior to the new category coming out. Many of you guys know, I’m pretty active in uploading photos so you will see many of these topics from me! Expect lots of these. Anyways, let’s jump in!

10: Climb over the Ise Bay

This one is from a while ago, this was took when I started to learn how to edit real well. Really like this one because of the shine and sunset and because the airline and aircraft is ANA 78X

9: Escort in the brand new TBM

This was took right at the release of the TBM. I decided to escort one of my fellow DLVA pilots in Tahiti (NTAA) I love this picture because I’m parked right next to a giant 772 in comparison to my TBM and the sunset makes it look great!

8:Delta Belly Showcase

This one was took very recently as you see my watermark which I only just started adding. I really like this one because of the shine I put and you can’t resist how great the Delta Belly looks regardless of whether I edited or not.

7: Queen soaring into the Sunset

This is also another recent one. Managed to get a 🔥 shot of the 748 and the sunset in the background. Really like this as it features the gear tilt and shine of the 748. Also,I really like the Boeing 748 house colors.

6:Delta Tail showcase

Taken recently. Really like this one as I made the tail pop out with saturation and exposure. Also used vigenette and lens blur (not a huge fan of both) to make the CRJ be the focus. Also the shine 😉

5: Sunflower resting in the sunshine

Huge fan of this one. Love the shine on the KLM 789 aka Sunshine. Really like the detail on this one. Also one of the more realistic ones I’ve took and edited Imo.

4: More To Love

Ok, all of the rest if these pics were taken recently except 2. I got a really good view point to take a pic of the Alaska “More To Love” Livery. I just love the shine and colors mixed together. Creates an amazing effect 😍

3: Gear Sunset view

I got an incredible shot of the ANA B78X departing in the sunset. I just love the detail and shine in this one. You don’t get this kind of perspective very often either so that also contributes it why this pic is number 3.

2: This would be #1 if it wernt for the recent pic I got. I got this a while ago departing VHHH and I got a shot of the Delta B772 in the turquoise color of the water. Edited and got almost perfect shine imo. DLVA used this as a pic for the banner.

1: Boeing takeoff out of SeaTac

Best pic I’ve took ever! It has one of the beautiful mountains in the Pacific Northwest and the editing gives It perfect shine and the color is outstanding! And you can’t count out the Gear tilt. Almost a perfect picture in my book!

That’s it folks, my top ten pics to this point! Which one did you like the most? What pics do you want me to take? Let me know! Much more pics to come in the future!


These are absolutely beautiful. Espically number 4! Keep up the great work!

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You’re the real mvp @Pilot_urp, if anyone wonders who’s behind many of the pics we post for DLVA on IG, they come from this guy


These are actually really good! Nice work 🤗


From when was screenshots and videos a category?

great work @Pilot_urp, you need to show me your ways :P

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I’m coming around on these edits, but I’d still like to see what you could do if we took away you’re photoshop… 😉

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What software do you use?

These are gorgeous

I’m lovin #3.

Just WOW !!! That last picture…😮

How did you get them to look like that???😱🤯 nice work.

Thank you all for the compliments!

I use Lightroom and Snapseed to edit. Both amazing.

Boy, you have some incredible editing talent with these pictures. Keep up the amazing work!