My Top Shots of 2020

As we move into a New Year and away from 2020, I wanted to present some of my best pictures. Thanks Infinite Flight for a great beginning to my IF experience.

  1. Delta A330-300

    This shot of the Delta A330-300 is taken in KLAX as I departed, the night was beautifully clear and it cast a crisp blue light onto it. It is not the best shot in the world, but the flight was beautiful over the canyons and mountains of the wild west.

    Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300, KLAX to KLMT, Flight Time - 1:42

  2. Flying in formation over the Italian Hills with Piloto Marco (YouTube link at the bottom) in two
    777-200ERs, one of the funnest flights this year.

    Alitalia 777-200ER, LIBN to LIRF, Flight Time - 1:13

  3. Long Haul A340-600 flight over the Andes in Chile and Argentina, dense fog covered the valleys and fields below leaving the mountain peaks standing high above the clouds. This was an extremely long flight all the way from Santiago (Chile) to Frankfurt (Germany)

    Lufthansa A340-600, SCEL to EDDF, Flight Time - 13:18

  4. This was definitely my favourite flight of this year, flying from Anchorage (Alaska) to Tokyo (Japan) in my favourite plane, the A350. I had to capture this flight in some way, so there is nothing better than taking a picture of the plane during sunrise in the land of the rising sun. As I arrived to the outer Islands of Northern Japan, the sun was rising, giving amazing views of the snowcapped mountains on the small Islands.

    Japan Airlines (JAL) A350-900, PANC to RJTT, Flight Time 7:04

  5. Another flight with Piloto Marco was from Doha to Istanbul in the 777, this is an image of our departure in Doha.

    Turkish Airlines 777-300ER, OTHH to LTFM, Flight Time 3:38

  6. The final of my 2020 top shots is this shot of the Alaska Airlines 737 sporting the ‘More to Love’ livery celebrating their ownership of Virgin America. This was part of an event hosted by @Alec from KLAS just the other day. The landing in Seattle was well timed with a CRJ on the approach to the runway next to mine.

    Alaska Airlines 737-900ER, KLAS to KSEA, Flight Time 3:03


Simply stunning. I never knew a game could be so beautiful!
Bring on 2021!

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Wowwwww. Great screenshots!

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Great work, especially on those sunset photos. Well done!

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Thanks so much! Who says the graphics are bad?! :-)

Thanks! Appreciate it!

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Can’t beat the sunset shots!

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