My top infinite photos for all time (KPIT)

Hello! 👋🏻

These are my top 5 photos from IF, only have fun, and I’ll link tho original post if you want to give it a like there too… 😉

Number 4:

Delta A319 blasting out of KPIT

Number 3:

Taking off from KPIT into the sunrise

Number 2:

Banana bus pulling it’s gear up after taking off from KPIT

And by far my most liked post on the forum:

Number 1:

FedEx 777F doing the right turn at KSJC (that’s right @BigBert10)

Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


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  • Number 4

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I like the CRJ flexin💪


Well, or course there all @KPIT, great photos!

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I had to look more than twice to know if it was a real life photo or if it was the game, by the way I’m referring to number 2, beautiful


Just a small mistake: you have top 5 photos in the text, but there are only 4 of them.

The shots are amazing, number 2 is my favourite one.


Whare else? 😂

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It’s interesting to me to see that, I’m not sure if it!s times changing, or what, but that FedEx one (Number 1) is far and away my most liked post up there, 110 ish, vs 35 ish for number 2, but it’s the lest favorite up there… 🤔

(I’m not saying anyone voted working or anything, just interesting to me…)

No joke I thought the spirit a321 was real life for a second, great pictures.


I think it’s the way you number it, I think number 1 is the best. Your number n1 is last so if I come by quickly you would think since n1 is the last picture it would be n4.

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