My Top 5 Best Photos, Ever!

Hey guys, these are my top 5 IF screenshots ever! Hope you enjoy!

A330-300 flying across the Atlantic in the sunset

  1. Cathay Pacific with Fuji in the background

  2. Thomas Cook from Innsbruck

  3. Turkish Airlines above the Himalayas

And my personal favourite:

This is an absolutely beaut. EI A350, from MIA to DUB. Favourite airline, second favourite aircraft, favourite scenery, adds up to favourite screenshot.
Thanks for viewing guys and let me know which your favourite is below!!!
All these were taken on the expert server, obviously.


Great screenshots Hugh, can’t wait to see another few ones soon;)

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Thanks Rian, which is your favourite?

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That Aer Lingus livery fits really well with the water, nice shots!


yh it sure does


Very clean! I love them! Keep it up!

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Thanks Louis!

Thank you @Acaviation4138!!

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