My Top 10 Pictures Of 2020

Hello IFC!

Aviation took a hard hit this year. The skies were empty, airports became ghost towns and thousands of aircraft all over the world sat on the ground, waiting to become airborne again.

Spotting-wise, 2020 has been a fantastic year! Loads of unusual flights took place. Some legendary aircraft took back to the skies, and some said goodbye. On a personal note, my spotting and editing skills have drastically improved this year, which is why I’ve put together a collection of my top ten pictures of this year. Enjoy!

British Airways A319-131 | Basel (LFSB)

Laudamotion A320-214 | Corfu (LGKR)

SWISS A330-343 | Zürich (LSZH)

British Airways A321-251NX | London Heathrow (EGLL)

MFGF Tecnam P2008 JC | Schupfart-Fricktal (LSZI)

Helvetic Airways E190-E2 | Zürich (LSZH)

SWISS A320-271N | Zürich (LSZH)

Antonov Airlines An-225 Mriya | At Home

Edelweiss Air A340-313 | Zürich (LSZH)

SWISS B777-3DE(ER) | Zürich (LSZH)

What a year it has been! I’m looking forward to 2021 and when normal day-to-day life will return. I can’t wait to get back into spotting and more importantly, flying. On that note, thank you for viewing my pictures and happy New Year!


Nice shots, really enjoy these photos!

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Amazing photos!

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Stunning photos!

My oh my. That lighting on the A320 Neo is EPIC. 🤩🤩

Awesome photos!

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Awesome pics man

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That seventh one is absolutely incredible! Fantastic work on all of them!

That plane looks familiar 👀

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REALLY Amazing pics!!

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You’ve got some nice shots here! Love the Antonov picture!

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Thanks for all of the kind words everyone!

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