My Top 10 Pictures of 2019

Hello everyone! Here are some of my best pictures I’ve taken in 2019. Enjoy!

1) Swedish Air Force SAAB 37 Viggen

2) Swiss Air Force Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

3) SWISS Airbus A220-100 Cockpit

4) British Airways Airbus A380-800

5) Swiss Air Force McDonell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet

6) SWISS Airbus A220-300

7) Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800

8) British Airways Boeing 747-400 Landor Livery

9) Dassault Rafale

10) Air Astana Boeing 757- 200

Thanks for viewing my pictures! Feedback as always is appreciated. Have a nice day!


Oh… oh my goodness. These shots are absolutely EPIC! They’re so clean, and so crisp, and the edits all look so nice… absolutely fantastic job, really. I look forward to seeing more of your shots.


I agree with you here @MrMrMan - great pictures Nick!


Nice! I thought the last one was a 787 before I looked closer.

From that angle, it does look like the 787 nose from afar.

Ok…I’m rambling now but great pics - I love the helicopter one

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

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I feel so bad. I’m out of likes, and these are the best fighter photos on the IFC! They’re just stunning, there’s no way to describe them. I officially say these are legendary, you get the award of “best fighter photos 2019” (at least of the ones I’ve seen)

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Oh my WOW! Those shots are incredible! I remember the A220 Cockpit but I don’t remember the other ones. Just Incredible!

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I love the helicopter and the fighter jet looks cool!

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These aren’t IF Pictures… These are… Mindblowingly Grand Pictures, and they are killing my eyes in the most Heavenly way possible… Wow!! 😍🤯


Great…no, Amazing photos!

Had to notice that massive rotation on the Singapore A380 and how did you get that Viggen pic, i thought they were retired?

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Depends the Viggen could’ve been taken at an Airshow similar to the War birds over Wanaka. Yes that is a beutiful rotation from the Singaz big bus beautifully captured Nick.

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Wow Nick! Amazing photos! Personal favourites are 2, 3, 6, 8!

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The Viggen was taken at the Zigermeet 2019 air show in Mollis, Switzerland. That Viggen is a part of the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (SwAFHF) and attends many different air shows in Europe.

The the iconic reverse thrust on the Viggen is extremely loud. I didn’t get any pictures of it landing because I had to cover my ears.

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Holy… um… holy crap? I’m speechless. These shots are amazing!!

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ahh okay that makes sense, thanks for the info!

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How did you get no.3?

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I know a first officer who flies the A220 for SWISS and he invited me to join him and the captain in the cockpit on a flight from Zürich to Madrid and back. It was definitely one of the best days of my life!

If you’d like to see more pictures from that day then I recommend you check out this thread.


Love the Viggen and the Super Puma!!! Amazing captures

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