My top 10 photos from 2020

Hey IFC! I just wanted to share my top 10 photos from the year 2020. This year has been very crazy and amazing at the same time. Over the year, I have got to spend a lot of time in Infinite Flight and create amazing photoshops & edits. Also leave a comment down below which one you like the most :)

For number 10 I chose a United Airlines 757-200 landing at SFO (San Francisco International Airport.) This one was very fun to create in Photoshop and I hope to make more pan shots like this!

For number 9 I chose another United shot. This shot was with @Declan_O earlier in the year at EWR.

This probably the least edited shot on this list, but still looks like one of the most edited. The water in this picture looks so real and so beautiful.

For number 7, I chose a JAL Crj-200. This photo was very fun to edit and I love how the marks under the plane highlight how planes are not perfect.

I was debating to put this higher in the list, but here is the BEST Q-400 shot I have ever taken. Even though it took forever to edit it was a blast to make.

This 752 shot has to be one of the most relaxing shots I have ever taken. It was a pain to edit, but I love how the colors are sooooooooooooo smooth.

I love this photo because I don’t take many shots of fighter jets. This is by far the best fighter shot and I can’t wait to take more.

This Citation X photo is one of the best night shots I have EVER taken. I love how the blue is not just one color and how it makes a gradient effect throughout the picture.

For the number 2 place, I chose the British Airways 757-200. This was the first 757 photo I took right when the new update came out. I love how it is a mono color picture with the blue engines and red British Airways logo in color.

For number 1 I chose the TBM-930 in the stevo1kinevo livery. This shot is by FAR my favorite photo of all time. It was very fun to create and I think it turned out great.

Thank you all for reading :)


I really don’t wanna be “that guy” but 2 and 4 don’t fit category rules…

Other than that amazing pictures, 10/10.


Ah thank you for catching that. I read the rules over again and I don’t think I am breaking any rules.

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Nice collection of pics mate 👏 (love the F22 pic)

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Wow weee! Great photos there and keep up the amazing work!

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Whoa!! This is great. Keep em’ coming!

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It is actually very hard to choose the best picture because i think personaly that every picture was good, but the best one was the f-22 (number 3) and the secons one are the takeoff/landing (number 4). But everysinglw one are good, wow i want to become good in photoshop and edits, bec this looks so good

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Great shots!

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