My Top 10 Photos from 2020

Hellllooooo Everybody! For today this list is going to be super original that I’m sure you won’t see 300 times by the end of the day, my best photos of 2020. It was an awful year but there were a few positives (actually I can’t think of any). I gathered these 10 photos from looking through all of my posts from this year. These probably aren’t my actual 10 best photos, but I tried to vary it up so every photo didn’t look like the same thing. I didn’t include and wingviews or scenery photos because I’m planning to post those in a few days. I also didn’t include any photos from This post because I took those photos strictly for a post and none of them were actually flown to a destination, just in solo for the post and that just didn’t feel right for me. So here are my 10 best photos from the year!


Flying over the Atlantic as the sunrises and reflects off a fellow A350 coming into South American airspace as I fly North toward Germany from São Paulo, this was posted back on the last day of February just a week before the world flipped on its head.
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A sunrise rotation from Kona as a Southwest 737 waits to go to Maui and we head off on a long flight to Phoenix
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On final approach into a San Francisco sunset after a sunset flight from Mexico
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A steep climb out of the Mile High City off for the paradise of Kona, Hawaii
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From my first post of 2020, on final approach into Ops Locka under a blood moon on a warm January night in Florida
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Descending into Las Vegas from Tel Aviv in front of the Spring Mountains backlit by the Golden setting sun of a desert summer evening
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Flying above the mountains of British Columbia taking the Northwest 757 up to Alaska from Minnesota
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Flying over England as the sunrises taking the amazing 787 from Toronto back home to Israel
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Flying South from Paris over the Azore islands, a Volcanic Island chain apart of Portugal
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My favorite photo of the year comes from the same flight as number 2, taking the Air France 777 over the foggy Andes Mountains into Santiago, Chile
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As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo of the year!

Happy New Year and a thankful goodbye to 2020


What a year, great pictures everytime
Here’s to an amazing 2021 🥂🎆


I love it !!!
Happy new year’s

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Awesome shots! I miss flying the 757 in the Northwest livery 😭

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Awesome photos Noah! Can’t wait for next years photos!

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@Infinite_Qantas thank you! What a year it was, and happy 2021 to you since you’re living in the future

@BayoMan thank you!

@themightycj so do I 😔 it was such an amazing livery

@MJP_27 thank you Mason! Hopefully they’re even better than this years

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#8 was just stunning

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Thank you Alex! :)

I love the new Alaska livery, especially on the 737-9!

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These have to be some of the best pictures I have seen from Infinite flight this year. In 2021 I would love to create a stunning gallery like this! I would have to say 3 does it for me… the reflections of those sunset colours on that 787 is something else.
Happy New Year!

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Thank you so much! I love that shot too, the 787 works so well in the yellowish orange sunrise!

Great looking screenshots!

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Thank you Jonathan!

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Bro you have a photo for each color of the rainbow.

#10 = Red

#9 = Orange

#8 = Yellow

#7 = White

#6 = Black

#5 = Gold

#4 = Blue

#3 = Dark orange

#2 = Greenish blue

#1 = All the rest

You get the idea.

Awesome photos @NoahM! Those are certainly some of your best!


Oh wow, the camera views are awesome!

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Lovey collection , personally no.7 detail 👌

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These are amazing!

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@Butter_Boi thank you! And I’m not sure how your even realized that 😂 lets pretend I did that on purpose

@Gtmkm98 thank you! I try to make them interesting :D

@Air_Boss thanks! I love the 757, it’s so fun to fly

@Mukundan_Srivatsa thank you! 😀