My tips on how to complete a long haul flight

Hi guys Gman here and today I’m going to give you a few tips when flying long haul flights when global comes out. Sometimes I might do a long haul flight on FSX so here are some tips that I do.

  1. Always get a good nights rest before your flight . This will help so you are not tired and will give you some energy.

  2. If your a morning person. Try getting up early. I know some of you are not used to it but if you plan on flying JFK to LHR which I believe is a 5 or 6 hour flight you could probably be finished with your flight at around 11:30 or 12:00. This would help so your not taking up half of your day trying to fly.

  3. If your a night time person. Plan on taking off as late as possible. The later you do it the more you get to sleep. This would avoid you getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning just to start your approach. You just have to see how long your flight would be and always make sure the time you start approach would be a reasonably time to wake up.

  4. Always make sure your phone or iPad is fully charged before you start your flight. You don’t want to start flying when your device is at 20%. And it is not really good to leave your device charging while still using your device.

  5. This is optional but if you do have an extra device like a computer with you it would be good to have it a long with you . I’m sure most of you won’t be staring at your device for 6 hours straight. During your cruise you could browse through the community look at YouTube and other cool things.

  6. Always be in a good quite environment to keep you focused. This will help you stay relaxed and focused and enjoy the beauty of infinite flight

  7. Always plan your flight an hour or half an hour before your flight. This will help go over important things like when to descend, how long it will be, your route that you will be flying , approach and departure procedures and if fuel burn is added maybe how much fuel will be needed.

  8. Not really important and this optional. Listening to music can help relax you , give you energy, motivate you and keep you pumped and excited. P.S. to all the night time flyers I wouldn’t advise listening to music that would put you to sleep. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to your passengers lol

  9. The last and most important rule for Long haul , short haul, medium long haul, whatever type of flight, when flying on global is to have fun !!!

I hope this helpful and is useful but anyway for now enjoy your day 😃


Thank you, very helpful!

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enjoy the new sky and all that jazz


You know something about the new sky? You mean will actually have an atmosphere that changes?

Yes, look at the new dawn continued topic…

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Thanks! This is super helpful! Since I have my computer nearby, that means editing videos :)

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This should be pinned hahaha nice tips

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@Xpheros @Jompa @ClarenceTheAvgeek @ChiknNRice thanks guys 😃

I regularly do most of these things :-) Excellent advice. I’ll often turn on Airplay mirroring with Apple TV so that I can set my A/P in cruise and double check things on the TV screen.


I’m sure that this will become more common with global.

Most definitely! It’s a great feature for Apple devices. I can set my device somewhere safe and go about whatever else I need to do. Not to mention the replays in solo mode look so much nicer on the larger screen.

For long flight all i do is do everything until cruise and then go about my day until i need to do descent preparations. Im aint gonna stare at a screen for 6 hours


Nice pointers!

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All that jazz. Can I get a Sing Sing Sing?

Heres your sing sing sing

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Best response I’ve ever gotten. XD I played that last year in my school jazz band

Props if you can name the ORIGINAL composer

Uh i know this…
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Louis prima?

You played his in marching band? So jealous. And yep.

I can pm u a link if u want

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