My tips for realism

  1. Use correct lights: You do not want to taxi with stobes on, for example. Although light is currently not very bright on IF, try to simulate the real usage. I hope more and brighter lights will be added in next updates.

  2. Checklists: When I can, I follow IF ones, such as those made by @Harry . Makes you more active when flying, and looks really professional.

  3. Imagine real passengers: Thing that you are a real pilot, and care on passenger comfort. Your flight automatically becomes smoother.

Well, I don´t know what else to say at the moment, and I hope my post is right…


Nothing wrong :)

Nice tips.


Sometimes if I want to be extra realistic I use real world approaches and departures.

Almost, except for number 3:
Instead of “Your flight becomes automatically smoother”
This is correct: “Your flight automatically becomes smoother”

Not trying to be irritating.

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If you know me, you know I love realism. So great post! I commend your efforts to expand the realism of this remarkable simulator.

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Well, as you are a future pilot :)

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Nice tips buddy, I notice a lot of people are giving out tips over the past few weeks.

It’s nice but if you follow a checklist you will also get the same realism.

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I say these tips are the ones to take

A great way to add to and start to learn about realism is to start using the great chcklists which have been made for IF. When i first started with IF ( well before live was around!) i used cheklists from FSX based VAs tomlearn about flight chararistics for the IF aircraf before starting to learn about STAR and SID’s.

Anouther way to add realism is to look at some VAs as some of the well established ones offer further training, checklissts etc

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