My Thrustmaster 16000m fcs is not connecting to infinite flight

I’ve also read the connect the joystick thread and that did not help.
The joystick is the Thrustmaster 16000m fcs with the throttle pice.

Could you please provide some more details? How are you connecting it to your device? What device?

I’m using IF connect and using an iPad mini 2

One of my friends had the same problem. Try restarting your device AND your computer. This should work, as it is what he did.

I have a joystick and this happened to me a similar problem and I all did was unplug my USB and restart IF connect and it worked

Like restart the computer?

Yes and I have the same joystick

Do you have it with the throttle pice?

Yes both pieces and I unplugged and restarted my computer and IF connect and it worked. Don’t remember if I restarted my IF but if yours is connected to IF connect then just restart your computer then unplug it

When you had this problem how long ago was this mine started this week

Like 2 days it happened one day then I didn’t use my joystick then tried what I told you and worked

I did what you said and it did not work

Thats what I did and it worked. So what exactly isnt working? also make sure you every all your cords plugged in. Is the joystick getting any power from the computer?

Yes the joystick is connected to the computer

yes but is that USB port working as in is the joystick getting any power like electricity?

Yes the USB port is working and this problem is happening to all the computers in my house

I havent used mine in a while but when I get home I can test it.

My live flight just updated and it no longer will connect to infinite flight. I feel your pain…

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