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So I’m flying to Newark(KEWR) with 5 different people. I see a airplane at FL360(36,000ft) going 519 knots when I can only fly 324 knots(Mach 0.91) how?

519 knots is his airspeed :))

I know, but how do they not stall when going up to 36,000ft?

M 0.91 is quite fast. You could easily overspeed and get a violation. Normal cruising speed is around M0.83


It’s definitely possible to get that high without stalling! Some people fly at excess of FL400 without stalling. :)

I see 1 person doing that & im amazed.

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Yea im flying the fastest I can, I’m in a Boeing 787-10

These should help you understand this scenario a bit more 😊


You really shouldn’t… a little gust of wind and you’ll be crossing the red dots, overspeeding and heating violations.

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519 is the ground speed. The 324 is indicated

Ya. Violations.

What you’re seeing is their ground speed, which is not shown on your HUD screen (you can see it by changing any of the 6 parameters located at the bottom of the screen. Hold and then select the ground speed parameter located in the first square). If you were both flying the same aircraft at the same flight level, you should be faster.

That’s your indicated airspeed, the one which is shown on your HUD screen.


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