My thoughts on the IFC 2021

So now ive been apart of the IFC for over a year and I really feel the IFC has improved from my last topic about this. I haven’t been mini modded at all, the people on the IFC aren’t having flag battles anymore, the moderation has calmed down quite a bit. I feel like this is part though because ive improved upon myself in the IFC I don’t really joke about Plane Crashes or things that could be interpreted as sensitive anymore since you know the IFC just isn’t the place to do that if you want to do that that’s what close friends are for. It took me quite a while to figure out the audience and type of people here and how most of my jokes can and will be taken as offensive. I also feel like spending some time away from the community really helped me. The ifc leadership may do some things that i don’t like (which i wont list here since this is a positive thread) but they haven’t done anything that’s really a dealbreaker for me and i don’t they would ever do that. Another thing that may benefit me in the IFC is not getting mad in the moment when the leadership makes a decision that i don’t like or if my post or topic gets flagged for a reason that i may think is dumb but could very well be serious to others i mean we have over 40,000 members on this community so there’s bound to be some differing opinions. Overall the IFC is a great place to talk about aviation it has its flaws but they are pretty minor so ya i’m here to stay for a good while.

DISCLAIMER: in the chat remain respectful to others. If you want to argue with someone do it in PM, if you want to talk about what has been said here if you disagree my PMs are always open and im always open for discussion.

Happy flying-Stormy aviation :)


Glad your still enjoying the community! I too have seen quite a nice improvement in the kindness and the environment within the community lately! A much more welcoming and helpful community I must say!

Hope everyone else feels the same! I know for a fact I do!

Thank you Staff & Mod team for keeping this place the community we know and love!


Oh yes, one more thing. I find the trend to use spoiler tricks in order to avoid the 10 character rule very annoying and I’ve seen people spam topics using it.
This is one of my thoughts on IFC 2021…


There’s definitely been a improvement with sights of toxic people and power hungry regulars


Glad to see you’re having a better experience on here! Things have definitely changed since your last topic about this, for sure :)


i know the trick aswell

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cough cough summer of 2020 lol.


I just hate it, I’ve seen people spam numerous topics with it

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Yes this is true
Yet I know some kind and helpful regulars
So it really depends on what kind of PERSON they are


oh that was a fun little time. anyways i’ve noticed what you’ve said and can agree


yes it does. There are regulars ive had troubles with mostly over the summer i wont mention names though.

hol up der (perfect grammar) you’ve seen things change!? you’ve been apart of the IFC for a week lol.

no offense though its cool getting new people in the IFC

I’m an old member who was let back onto the IFC. Been here since October ‘18


oh okay sorry.

I must agree with you, but it’s been quite difficult for some people to take mere jokes. Many small arguments turn a thread into a courtroom, and it’s not really all the fun, It’s also the public calling out for when you’re wrong, like send them a PM not in public. Also the repetitive mentioning of the same thing, like if someone tells you to move category around 3 other people will do so as well.

Other than that it’s fine, a great place and community for all av-geeks alike.

(I’m not trying to seem negative or spark a disagreement, just my 2 cents)


yep opinions are allowed and i agree to a certain extent.

Yeah, exactly why I left the n August, I literally couldn’t take it, I would’ve rather quit IF than go back to that IFC

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Much agreed! It’s been pretty tame around here lately.

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Of course, it is the worst when a regular or someone points out your faults in public. Sometimes they don’t even do it in a polite manner. If there is a minor mistake just PM the person and tell him to edit it. No need to make him feel ashamed.

It is definitely a small proportion of people don’t even have a sense of humour, they tend to take things too seriously and as you said, turn it into a courtroom. You can tell that some of the jokes (for example, I will sue you for using my photography style) are meant to make people laugh, but some random guy that comes in and turns the thread into a police station or whatever by criticizing the person who made a harmless joke makes life difficult for the rest of us.

Good point. Absolutely agreed.

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