My thoughts on the Crj-550

As many of you all have heard the Crj-550 has made its inaugural flight with United. To be honest this plane is just amazing. I recommend Jeb Brooks’ video via YouTube on his review of the plane. United Airlines CRJ550 - YouTube The truth is this is just a remodeled Crj-700, but it’s has some advantages. For first class members there is a snack/drink bar instead of a flight attendant. For everyone, there is baggage storage shelves in the plane which certainly can hold all 50 (or sometimes less) bags. Also, economy has more legroom. To me, this plane is a 10/10. It is a WAY better alternative that flying a normal Crj-200 or -700. Let me know what you guys think!


Yeah it is a nice plane.

But I do not think that topics like these are allowed.

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This is more about my thoughts though.

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Fair enough. I frankly think this thing sets standards for regional aircraft.

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Do you guys think planes the the Erj-175 could follow in this renovation movement?

Maybe with the E190 or E195-E2

I’ve flown with UA on their CRJ2 from BZN-DEN and I thought that was a pretty good experience, and I enjoyed it. I’m sure that this could be a nice upgrade to the CRJ2. I’d love to fly on one.

I’m glad you had a nice experience!

This will stay as it is a personal opinion.

Such a beautiful aircraft. I’m glad they upgraded the CRJ and especially the snack bar and first class with United makes it look spectacular. Just my opinion :)

United have truly outdone themselves with the interior and layout of this gorgeous jet. Not only is the interior sleek and modern, it seems there is much more space on it. Also, by the time you all are done debating whether it is a duplicate topic or not, the topic is no longer on the CRJ550, but the duplicate topic battle.

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I actually really enjoy Jeb Brook’s reviews. It’s amazing that airlines are still buying those 50 seater Crj’s. But I guess the demand is still there. The “True First Class” is great for people purchasing business class seats on regional routes. I still try my best to steer clear of them. I’m 6’2" and leg room in economy is tight, and the windows are low. And of course that snack bar is for business class!

Looks like they did right by essentially converting the Crj-700 to replace the -200 as the new 50 seater for United. The Crj-550 is a reduced density Crj-700, which I actually did not know!

Some other observations. Looks like every single one of the economy class seats are all misaligned with the window. So no window views for economy passengers. Instead the window is “one seat in front” where a seat would be in a regular density 70 seater Crj-700.

Also looks like the seat pitch has been reduced by 1inch, but with a newer seat with improved padding, that shouldn’t be too bad. Especially comparing to the mainline ULCC 27"/28" slimline seats.


Great post!

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US carriers need to buy 50 seaters for their regional affiliates in order to allow more 76 seaters under current scope clause.

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We’ll keep bad language out of this sir. Hell is a no no word. Just like how you got after me for using that word. Oh and don’t say that that was a spell check error.

Jeb Brooks is the one when you want to see a descriptive honest opinion over something!!👌👌👍😇

That scope clause agreement may have played a great roll into the airlines during the 2008 great recession. The Crj-100/200 is an absolute gas guzzler with a max density of 50 seats. In fact, the regional’s can’t get rid of them fast enough. This was in a time when oil was cheap, and demand was starting to climb again after 9/11. Regionals were also replacing aging Saab 340s and Bombardier Dash turbo props. So a lot of the regions that used to service turbo props, now could market the travel as jet transport.

Interestingly enough the regionals that operate under Delta Connection & United Express still operate some, with Delta Connect owning the most, but the Erj-145 seems to have overtaken the Crj-100/200 market in terms of comparing performance and efficiency numbers… More cargo room underneath and marginally better fuel consumption numbers. Still just as small and painful to ride. The Crj out sold the Erj-140/145 almost 2 to 1.

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For me I want more headroom on the CRJ-550 because when I am on their current RJs I always bump my head when I get up once we’ve reached the gate and I also am happy about the bigger storage bins for bags and I am hoping that the seats in economy are bigger than the ones on their current RJ fleet and that it is easier to look out the window

It seems overkill to me, rebranding an aircraft just because you remodeled the cabin?

Also I believe it has a lower MTOW

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