My Thoughts on Open Beta

If they do have it, I sincerely hope it’s the last one.


I agree with all the points above. I think that Open beta is just a way that immature users can treat as a “Official Realise” and complain when certain things don’t work. And also, I feel like the is the most important quote

Very well written Felix!


100% agreed. - Especially since 21.2 (COULD BE) the A333 update and i for one am looking forward to open it on update day not knowing every single feature before release

It also pains me to see all of the Youtube Videos that spring out with Beta on it because at that point it is a informal release of the official product. Another way to “clickbait” users.

I could go on and on about cons of this with little pros worth sharing.


The developers have obviously taken into account the concerns you’ve brought up in this topic before releasing the open beta program. The open beta for 20.2/3 was, in part, to stress test the new login/authentication system. Therefore, simply by using Infinite Flight normally without reporting any issues, users have already helped the developers with their stress-testing. It was a win-win; people got hands on the update early if they wanted to, and in part helped the developers.

A comment regarding Issue 3: Spoilers - the definition of an open-beta is “open”. That is, it is impossible to leak something which is open to the public anyway. The developers were obviously aware that there would be some “leaks” and have taken this into account when introducing the program.

There are some downsides of an open beta, but at the end of the day, if the vast majority of Infinite Flight users got to experience Infinite Flight in a more stable state, the positives outweigh the negatives.


Agreed - And to be honest there are pros and cons to everything, at the end of the day it’s up to the devs whether they need an open beta or not and even then you can choose not to download it earlier so i guess we cant win at everything

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Very nice point, this would be a huge win for the developers, as well as the players who would like the update early. Though I’m not a fan myself, you looking at the side of the people who matter the most is a nice step to make.

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Thank you for your thoughts!

Open Beta is necessary for rolling out a more stable release at mass scale. It’s not a community “feature”. Open/Public betas are a very common thing in the software world and something our developers will continue if it makes the most sense for a release.

It’s not a feature that will be voted on or influenced by opinion, and certainly isn’t something where hype comes into play. Our next release will be epic no matter how it is rolled out, and our goal is that it’s rolled out as smoothly as possible!