My Temporary Return & Details Regarding AviatorMan’s Return to the IFC

Hey Everyone,

I have been offline for the last 5 months due to personal issues that have come up in my academic life. I have not been allowed to use my phone until now, for a couple of hours. I will be periodically coming back online throughout the next 5-6 months from 3 to 14 days at a time. Once I reach June, I will be fully making a return to the Infinite Flight Community. I want to apologize to anyone that has been affected for my leave, and I want to say every minute I was out in the middle of the desert, I saw an aircraft fly over, and it reminded me of all of you. I am very sorry for the following organizations:

  • IFATC Controllers & Management


  • Fly Global Virtual Team & Pilots/Controllers

  • IFVARB Team

  • All the users that needed and(or) contacted me for support or for information

I am deeply sorry for my leave, and I can’t wait to make a full return in June, 2022. See you all then, and if you have any messages for me, expect them to be answered February 2-6th.

Thank you all for your understanding, and I look forward to flying the new aircraft, and rejoining IFATC in June, 2022 - and also IFVARB, IFAET, and all other organizations I was previously associated with professionally.

Thank you, and see you all soon!


I accept your apology… Who are you?

Jokes aside, you shouldn’t have to explain reasons for your absence. Personal life should always take priority, though I’m sure you don’t need to announce your return ;P

See you in the skies soon!


Yeah sorry bro, I can explain it to you all very soon!

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