My TBM Flight Across The Atlantic

You may be thinking, “how would you get a little TBM over the Atlantic?” Well that answer is simple, Max Fuel, beautiful views and Stopovers.
Here is a little trip report I made.

First, I started off at KMYR (Myrtle Beach Airport) in a TBM930 wearing the Sea Blue livery

After a little planning and the creation of my first leg, I was off.

It was cool watching North America disappear out of sight

But before I knew it, Wade International (TXKF) was just in reach.

It was a rather quick 2 hour hop

But after some quick refueling, I was off!

This leg was probably the most painful of all. Up to 5:30 hours of turbulence and straight ocean.

But this was the sight I wanted to see the whole time. It was Flores Airport (LPFL) with only 40mins worth of fuel left, I was relieved.

I had touched down to discover there were no parking spots at this airport, so it turned out taxiway refueling could become a new trend.

Bye Bye Flores

Hello Madeira👋

I can’t say that the approach was hard this time round, luckily the winds were calm.

Did some photoshoots and startup vids. (Vids couldn’t be uploaded.

A hop, skip and a 1:30hour flight and I was 5nm out from Gibraltar.

And I had done it, no crashes, only hard landings.

Thank you for joining me as I recounted my TBM trip across the Atlantic. It had only taken 12:30hours but it was totally worth it!

Here’s a video I made about the flight, also follow me on insta for more!

I probably would recommend this flight for adventurous pilots. Route is KMYR-TXKF-LPFL-LPMA-LXGB. I Flew at around FL280-290 at M.055-M0.56 (around 210-215kts before FL280)

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Hey! Beautiful pictures! Unfortunately you can only have 10 pictures per #screenshots-and-videos topic, so you have to remove some…

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Oh, ok. That’s unfortunate

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This is simply amazing! I gotta try this! Hats off 🎩 to you for creating this route!

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Thank you very much! It’s a pretty nice route and I think you’ll like it. It has quite a few difficult approaches in it too.

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Good job and nice story and pics!
You may be interested in this (RL) trip as well:

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Wow thats really amazing!! really nice shoots too! Ill try that some day!

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This story looks quite interesting, I’ll have to try one day.

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Nice idea mate. Beautiful pictures.

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Thank you!

Is Flores on the Acores?

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I want to do this over the pacific in a Cessna! I would have to go over Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

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Flores, it’s a pretty nice airport

Yeah I was gonna see if I could do the same thing with a TBM, but that would be quite difficult if I wanted to go via Hawaii, Fiji etc

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