My task of flying the C208 around the world! (5th Leg Complete!)

Climbing back out

I need suggestions for next stops as I dont know this section of the world very good.

Landed at EGPH now!!

Im getting intercepted by @Aviation108! XD

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Great idea. Depending on where you want to fly, there is some really nice flights over the Alps, out of EDFE and some good approaches near the Mediterranean Sea. Hope Edinburgh was fun as it’s my home airport!

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dats kewl

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It was awesome! I really enjoyed that first leg now to explore the rest of the world

How long is the current Flight @USA_ATC? I’ll probably join

Landing in 38min at EDFE

Ok thanks :)

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Np I’ll let you know when im on the ground

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Just buttered surprisingly in a 24-19 gusting headwind. Time to set up the next leg.

Planing to fly a longer route this time about 5 or so hours. If your still interested common over to EDFE.

Im rolling out now

What’s is your nearest airport @USA_ATC? Im joining right now

EDQT is the closest

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Flying alittle slower at 126knts or M.25 at 15k

Im going AFK for a while so ill be back arround landing time :)


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2nd Leg over!!

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Hey Guys/Gals I have had some stuff pop up these past 2 days and now I’m back in school. So more flying coming up after I get out of school!!

I’ve done a circumnavigation in a TBM-930 before. My extra phone I use for the infinite flight was on continually for over a week. One thing I would recommend that you do is when you cross the Pacific, fly across the Aleutian Islands in Alaska as trying to cross any other way will most likely just end in fuel exhaustion. Also, keep to the northern hemisphere as much as possible so that you can ride the Jetstream. I recommend to find where it is and fly through it, it will save loads of fuel.


Thanks for the tips!

Starting the 3rd leg soon :)