My task of flying the C208 around the world! (5th Leg Complete!)

Hey There IFC!

Hope everyone is doing splendid on this fine day!

Credit Not mine.

Today I had an idea! A rather interesting one at that. I am going to be flying the Cessna 208 around the world and my first leg is crossing the pond! I am going to try and leave my iPad on for the full duration of the day’s I fly turning it off at night. @Ethan_Lee1 is my wonderful route planner! He will be planing most of my legs and he would love suggestions!

I will be updating the thread as I continue and with updated Live Flight Links.

Feel free if you want to join me on any of the routes shoot me a dm and I would love the company!

Please give me route suggestions and cool places to check out!

Current leg and Info!

Uchkuduk UT1L to UAAA Almaty
Cruise: FL150
Speed: M.33/170Kts
Others that flew with me: @Aviation108 @El_YuainXD @AlaskaAirFan @Will_M @David_Mullen @Alex_E @Liam_McAtee @ColtonS

My Stats


Day 1: 3/11/21 CYYR - EKVG (9h02mn)

Day 2: 3/12/21 EKVG-UMGG (10h31mn)

Day 3: 3/18/21 UMGG-URKK (4h17mn)

Day 4: 3/29/21 URKK to UGTB (2hr12mn)
(No pic)
Day 5: 5/7/21 UGTB-UT1l (3hr43mn)



Very cool idea, I’ll probably join you sometime, if you want

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Awesome!! I would love the company!

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About to start crossing the water. :)

Landing in 2 hours and 30 min.

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Just started a slow decent down to 4000

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Shall I begin engraving your gravestone?

Kidding, but I wish you luck!

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Maybe for the iPad 🤪💥

On final about to land!

How was your landing @USA_ATC? Was it smooth?

Indeed it was butter 🧈 just landed!

Filling up with gas and about to get going again. I’m gonna wait 30min+ So I can get back home and not let my iPad die.

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I’m skipping 2 legs because I have determined that the plane can handle a way longer flight and would be better than landing 2 more times.

I’m up and out and at cruise again. I am really pushing this plane to its limits doing 1,068nm flight. Really pushing the fuel to E on this on.

I’ll be landing in 5h02m.

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1086nm in a C208 is pretty impressive, I hope you enjoy the Flight and Butter that landing 😎!

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1hr and 21m left!

Then my first day will be complete!

I will do it in day segments and will have my device on for the duration of that’s days flying. So I don’t make it iNpLoDe.

Landing Now!

Day 1 Complete!!!

Thanks for following along for the day!
Hand flew the last 1hr so nice to be active within the flight aswell not letting the Autopilot do all the work!

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No stop over in Iceland?

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i’ll join sometime this seems super cool

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No I decided to skip that stop and push the 208 to its limits. I was going to tho.

Had a good 60-20knt tailwind the entirety of my flying.

Ok sounds awesome!!

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