My tablet is hot

HI, when Im making a long flight my tablet is getting hot. I want to. Make a long flight today and nobody will be in my home. Should I do it or it is dangerous?

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I would recommend to enable Limit frame rate and reduce brightness whenever your away from your device… also Low power mode should be on by default

I’m doing it, not helping


The general consensus is that that is a bad idea, as not only could it be potentially dangerous, but your iPad will turn off if it overheats any way, and it is generally not encouraged to undertake a flight without being able to actually carry it out.

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When I do long flights I put my IPad next to a fan


You mean make long flight just when someone is home?

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You can try and enable automatic low power(settings -> general). I also minimize my iPads brightness. Hope it helps a bit.

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Yes… But I’m still afraiding to leave it here without someone that will take a look sometimes to see the tablet is fine… Would you do it?

I would not leave my device unattended during a flight

OK, thanks… I’m missing flight time but OK

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What’s your home temperature?
Where I live now is hot, so the devices will increase the temperature as well

I find that turning down the brightness and hiding the menus and changing the camera to scenic during cruise helps on long flights

Also make sure Low Power mode is enabled

Maybe something to do with the graphics rendering on long flights 🧐

I keep graphics brightness low and I put a fan timed for like 2hrs beside my I pad if it gets hot.
Usually my I pad does not get hot and stays at a mild temperature

I recommend doing at night time when it’s the coolest time of day leave it on the floor because the floors are normally the coldest and turn down brightness

Normally when your device is hot, that could be a main sign that the CPU usage is 100% or very high, this means that basically you would need to delete some apps, reduce graphics settings and so on, if you want to keep your tablet cool and stabilised. However with some new phones can easily run IF with little or no problems.

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I don’t know… maybe limit frame rate or something

So, should I leave it with low graphics and everything or not? I’m going for 3 hours

Nothing will happen. Just fly. 3 hours is easily manageable. Should your device get too hot, it will shut down by itself. Easy. Dont worry.

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Also wouldn’t Leave the device just in case you start overspeeding or something along the lines of that

Or just fly on casual lol