My Suggestions and Bug Findings (20.3)

Hello community :)

I, as I’m sure many of you have, recently scrambled to my device to enjoy the all-new, reworked 757-200.

About 30 minutes ago from time of writing, I spawned at EGKK with a small circular flight plan set just to bring me round a small pattern back into the airport, as many other aircraft were doing. I was planning on seeing if I could spot any bugs in the new update, as I usually do with any new IF release. (A little obsessive, maybe, but hey, these bugs gotta be stamped!)

Below I have formed a small, but (hopefully) interesting list on all the bugs I have found as of my small time testing this new update:

1- HUD Camera, aka the sit-on-the-roof camera

The first and most intrusive bug I noticed was apparent about 5 seconds after spawning in my shiny new 75’.

The HUD camera, as many of you may have noticed seems to be way too high up- below are some photos to help you see what I mean.

As you can see in relation to the aircraft up ahead, the camera seems to be about here:


2- Wibbly-Wobbly Landing Gear

It may be hard to see from the video, but yes, if you pay close attention the landing gear periodically moves up and down (it did this repeatedly on all sets of gear, I checked).

Help! The wings are falling off!

A small gap can be seen between the Section where the wing comes into contact with the fuselage and the fuselage itself. A photo has been provided to show you this, although for a good view yourself use the wing views.

As you can see, it’s a small gap, but can break the immersion so I think it’s definitely worth looking at.

Ah! That’s why my landing gear wasn’t charging

Oops! An engineer in the hangar seems to have forgotten to plug in the landing gear. I have no idea what these cables do (or if they’re cables at all) but I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to look like this:


While these are purely my observations (and I may be wrong in some areas), please understand that this is all in the name of constructive criticism.

Anyway, thanks for checking this long read out! Hope this grabs the attention of some higher-ups do we can see these bugs stamped out in the near future :)

PS sorry for the awful jokes, I had to try to make this fun at least xD


Oh and also let it be known I since changed my flight plan as of realising that I couldn’t make traffic patterns, and instead I routed myself to Norwich.

Hey, although these bugs are slightly minor and noticeable, they aren’t complete showstoppers, so I don’t see them being fixed anytime soon.

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I’m just bringing these issues to developer attention, that’s all

Edit: tried to make it witty but the hud view is A showstopper for me, personally, but that’s my opinion

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Some nice spots there. Personally I would’ve never noticed the HUD position problem as I never fly in that view, but I can see how that would be a “showstopper”, to use the latest catchphrase of the IFC.

Let’s hope these get addressed sooner rather than later so we can get on with our lives.

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I noticed this in a groupflight lol, I just thought it was because two of us were Beta and two were on 20.2.

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Hey @Cpt.TC!

The first one and the last are already reported. I’ll report the other two tomorrow. Thanks for the detailed bug report!

On a side note - if anyone reading this ever wants to report a bug, please try to be as detailed as Cpt.TC has on this thread. It makes it much easier for those who can to report it to the developers.

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Sorry for the late response, but thanks for keeping me up to date :) and yeah, I made this report as detailed as I could to make sure it gets addressed asap

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