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My subscription expired today and I was suppose to have a grace period of two weeks after my subscription ended and I can fly online, however, when I hop back onto IF a few minutes ago after refreshing the app, I can’t fly online so can anyone help me? I cancel my subscription so that might explains why

I actually did not know IF has a Grace period for subscriptions until now.

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As far as I am aware… this “grace period” doesn’t exist. I’ve never had it whenever I’ve cancelled my subscription…


Yeah but if you don’t, you can still fly online for two weeks even after the subscription expires, no?

I’ve never been able to after my subscription ends. It stops when it’s scheduled to and I can’t fly online at all until I renew it…

Also how does a subscription end unless you cancel it…?

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For some devices (or if set), subscriptions auto-renew automatically which in that situation you need to manually cancel it.

Of course it does it gives 15 days free until you subscribe infinite flight again…

There’s a grace period the store offers if there’s a billing problem which allows you to correct that problem, but nothing else.


It doesn’t.

So even if I hadn’t cancelled my subscription and my subscription expired, the subscription wouldn’t be renewed which mean I’m not allowed to continue flying even after subscription expires?

Just renew your subscription, job done, no worries.

That brings me to another question: I have a mastercard so would my subscription be auto renewed?

Any subscription is automatically renewed. It says both on your receipt and in the app.

I would not recommend messing around with the grace period just to cheat the system and get a few extra days.

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I see. Well, on the day my subscription expires, I still was able to fly online until the actual time when my subscription expire and then after that, I just wasn’t able to fly again. Funnily enough, 9 months ago, when I was using my friends gift card, I actually continue flying online even after my subscription expire

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