My subscription

Dear staff I didn’t renew my subscription for this month but this morning I was charged a monthly fee even though the subscription tab on my iPad indicated I didn’t have a subscription. Please contact me to remove any further charges and inform me of the refund procedure. Thanks

Hi I think that you forget to cancel your sub! It happened to me before but if you want to cancel it just go on your App Store and there is a bit for managing subs

No me forgetting is not the issue

Ok well that’s weird

Hi Alan! Sorry to hear you are running into an issue. Do you have auto renewal on by any chance? This will automatically renew your subscription and will charge your account.

Hi no auto renew on last month I ensured no monthly subscription renewal was ticked

How can I stop further deductions from occurring I haven’t subscribed to please

You can email infinite flight immediately or wait until schyllberg or any other staff that is about tech support respond to this topic

What email address?


Unfortunately we have no insight or control over the subscription flow on iOS. Apple handles all of that on their own, so the best option here is that you contact them in this case.

Hi Mark no responsibility your end it’s apples fault is that what I am hearing hear? I should contact apple for your application deducting money from my account when I don’t have an active subscription now. Please clarify thank you

We are not deducting anything. Apple is, which you can see in both your transaction history as well as on the receipt.

The product is ours, that’s true. But the purchase flow and transactions related to it is handled by the store from which you purchased it from.

We would love to be of better assistance here. But it’s technically impossible for us since we have no insight into it.


That’s fine fir you I guess because you benefit financially from me fir a product I no longer have or want and say it’s not your issue. I don’t think so Mark you please ensure my subscription in cancelled and inform me as a consumer when it is please via email and when I get my refund for the month . Thank you

My name is not Mark, just so you know :)

As mentioned, two times earlier… you will need to contact Apple about this since we have no control about any financial transactions. You were charged by Apple and will have to contact them for this issue.