My Subscription Purchase won't Update

I just bought live right now and it accepted everything and said the purchase was successful. Once I click ok it said that I’ve no current subscription. I gave it a little time to update but when I returned it still said I had no active subscription. It even took away the money from my Apple account. I tried twice and it took the money twice.

Have you restarted your application yet?

Yep thrice. But it won’t update my subscription status and it took my money twice.

Try restarting the app, if it doesn’t work restart iPad. Maybe try turn off the wifi then back on.

This last part is just guesswork

Ehm, nope a restart or wifi reboot isn’t working.

Thank you for contacting support!

Apple has made some changes to their receipt system that validates the purchase of a new or renewed Live subscription. Though the changes were not communicated to app developers, we have taken measures to limit the impact on you. Don’t panic, you wont lose what you paid for!

If you purchased a new subscription or renewed an existing one but cannot access your Live account after trying the “I already have a subscription” option in-app, please send the following information to @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton :

  • Full username.
  • Call sign.
  • Copy of the purchase receipt.

You can attach the email purchase receipt from iTunes showing the subscription purchase to the ticket or simply copy and paste into the body of this support ticket. If you cant find the email from iTunes, you can copy the transaction details from your iTunes purchase history.

If you have found you were charged for more than one Live subscription payment, contact your iTunes store to request a refund for the most recent charge that is in duplicate.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to help you!

Kind Regards, Sebastian


Alright thanks Seb :)