My subscription never dues

Today is Feb 28th in my country. I bought a 1 month subscription to infinite flight Pro on January the 27th, it’s should be due on Feb 27th, and on that day, it says that it will be due on the 28th. But today, its saying it will be due on Feb 29th. Why is it never ending? 15828573333516691584049042052795|450x600


Are you an Android user?

I think I heard someone say before that if you buy a subscription on an Android device the google play store gives you an extra 2 day try-out (or something like that…) maybe that’s why.


Hmm, that’s a new one. I think @Mr-plane-guy1 is right with the 2-day trial, but let us know if it perseveres.

I mean, an indefinite free subscription is the dream


Shhh… 🤫

Do you want it to stop? 😂

Seriously though, haven’t heard of this, definitely sounds odd given that I feel like it would have just said the 29th outright if it was a free trial as previously suggested, so I’m a little stumped… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Have you checked your purchase history on the app/play store? Also, to allow me to help better, could you list your device model and if it’s rooted or jailbroken? You should also check out the article below to see what I’m talking about.

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That’s happened to me before… Of course, I didn’t complain. However, you might think you**'re** lucky, but the extended subscription ended about 3 days after it was due… I was so sad. It happened to me three times.

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I am using an android phone, but as mentioned from other people, it might be due 3 days after the due date. I’m going to wait for another day to see if it will end. Thank you for help😉

3-days grace period.