My subscription is not ending

Days ago, I was told my subscription would end (October 1) so I immediately funded the account I used for payment to prepare for the incoming month. However, I still have my subscription, but in the account I use to pay, the amount I have to pay for another month is still there. Why is this so? It’s already October 4. I’m afraid there may have been problems

I am pretty sure that infinite flight provides a grace period in which you have time to renew your subscription. By your description, your payment has not successfully gone through. I would look further into completing the payment before the grace period expires. I think it’s a great feature that allows people to continue using infinite flight even when they may forget to renew their subscription after a day!

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For me after the ending of my sub ha had 2/3 of free

how many days is this grace period?

Normally 3 days.

The grace period works when:

  • Your card has not enough credit
  • You don’t have enough Google Play / App Store credit

Does not work:

  • When you cancel the subscription after buying

ohhhhh nevermind peeps, it actually is renewed now, I just checked. thanks for all the responses though!

No worries! I’m glad you got it all sorted out. I hope to see you in the skies or on my radar scope!

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