My subscription is being used on another device

Thing is I have no other device. So what is happening?

Should be in #support and suggest changing your account password, or it could be a server issue…

Edit: Probably not a server issue, as i am flying right now

Hey, having this also! Lucky it isn’t just me! Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 129MB download speed. My throttles got cut during climb, lucky I caught it. Seeing as other’s are not experiencing it might be a regional issue.

It’s not happening to me as of right now

I just made a new flight and am having no issue so far. I will do a test flight to see if anything happens. I am hoping it is a server issue.

Hey Kate. Be sure to read the pinned support post at the top of the category to see if this is known. Check for where it says, “I’m receiving an error saying that my account is being used on another device?” For the future, It’s always good to start at this post before making a support post. :)


Ok must have been a regional and temporary issue.