my subscription has expired

No that my live plus subscription has ended a lot of my planes & one airport now say that I must purchase them now do you not keep the planes and airports when the subscription ends?

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Once your Live+ subscription expires, you lose access to any regions and planes you did not pay for previously. The only way to get them back is to purchase them individually, or invest another $49.99 for a Live+ subscription here


You must be talking about Live+. When you but Live+, you´re basically “leasing” the aircraft and regions from FDS for a year, when the subscription expires, as said by @Swang007, you have the choice of buying Live+ again, of buying every aircraft and region separately (that´s what I did).

Ok Thank you. That’s unfortunate for me with the exchange rate of the south African rand at R16 to the dollar that makes it not cheap anyway thanks for letting me know take care

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