My subscription doesn't update after buying a live+ sub

Hey everyone,

As I saw in the support section of the community, a lot of you had a problem looking like mine but I still couldn’t find the solution for my problem. So as the title of my topic for support says, my subscription doesn’t upgrade because I just bought a year of live+ for global on the website and it doesn’t upgrade on my account on infinite flight. My normal sub ends in December 2017 and it stays like this on my account while I just bought an new sub for an additional year so it should end in December 2018? But it doesn’t show up… I couldn’t find an answer to my problem in all of your answers so please help me! (I am in Canada, Quebec precisely) so yeah if someone could help me it would be really cool!

Thanks a lot and thank you!

Just give it a few minutes. It’ll update soon.

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If it does not update soon, please contact @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton with your proof of purchase and they will be glad to manually add it for you. Cheers!


It has been since I purchased the sub at least 20-30 minutes I guess… i will wait till tomorrow and if it doesn’t show up and upgrade I’ll rewrite in this topic… thanks and I’ll keep you up with the results and thanks a lot!

Thanks! I’ll wait a few more times and if it doesn’t work I’ll pm them! Thanks!

Before you contact them, can you send me a screenshot of where it says your Live expires?

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Yep here it is!

Not saying you did this, but can you double check that you bought that new subscription on the same account?


Well I made it on the same account I’m pretty sure but I will take a look

I would give it a few more minutes to process. If it does not show up, please send @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton your callsign, email you have the subscription on, and your proof of purchase. I would send the PM in a few minutes because they tend to take a little while to respond.

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting support and we are here to help. Don’t panic and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes issues like this take some time to update in the system. Please follow the steps below:

  • Sign out of live

  • Close the app completely and restart/refresh your device

Let us know if your subscription purchase is now reflected in your account once you open the app and sign back in.

Kind Regards, Chris


I will do this but the website and everything is slow right now so I’ll wait and see tomorrow morning because here it’s late! Thanks again and I’ll keep u up with all of the events!

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Hi, a lot of you helped me but still my sub didn’t upgrade… what can I do??

Continue to contact @Levet direct buddy.

Anthony please contact me in private with the sub purchased, your Email used and your online display name. Thanks!

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