My subscription disappeared 1 month before it is due

I have my subscription up for renewal on July 4th and it is telling me that my account doesn’t have a subscription.

It’s a known issue

Happening to me as well.

really I have been busy all day and I just tried for the first time today.

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Yes, it’s a known issue due to sever overload

Folks, please please search and read before you post a topic.

I. Growing impatient.

this happen to me as well. IF doesnt seem think my account even exists, but schyllberg did say that once the issue is fixed everything should be normal again

server overload :D lol so that many people are using the 777

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sorry never popped up when looking as i didn’t think it had anything to due with the update til now. First time trying to fly all day since getting off work so sorry.


If you didn’t the 737 is also has cockpit reworked

yeah saw that too. sadly i can’t even test them solo now so just gonna wait around. find something else to do this evening.