My sub has disappeared

Hi guys! Mikey1974 here, I was going to go up with my squad on a routine flight, and I get the notice ," no subscription found,?" It’s automatically drawn out of my account every month, but it’s gone? No notice of impending cancelation? I went through my email and found no notice?! Can you look up my expertation date and see if I need to manually renew my sub?

Have a look at the Support FAQ, contains what you’re looking for (:

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Where do I find this?

Usually a device restart solves that :) Give it a shot!


You can find it here:

Also listen to what Schyllberg said as well.

Roger that…

Apologies! And thank you!

There is no need to apologize and no problem :/.

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It was actually my sub needing renewed! My bad guys! You can delete this post.

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