My story with IF

Hello everyone, I am a player who has been playing if for nine years. I know this is boring, but I still wanted to share it with you all.

The first time I played IF was in 2012, on my cousin’s iPad.

I remember that when I was 12years old, I saw this flight simulator on google play, which cost 38.9 hkd, and I had to pay for other models. It was expensive for me as a primary school student and ended up going for the cheaper Xplane 9 (please forgive my betrayal) but then I saved up enough to buy a google gift card without any hesitation to bought IF.

At that time IF was still quite primitive, no sparkling water, no 3D airports and detailed planes. With only the 747 that retracts the landing gear and flaps instantly and the shuttle that I often use for dives, I enjoyed circling the ksfo (I didn’t know real flying at the time). Later, when I grew up, I bought more maps and various planes without hesitation. 346 was the first plane I bought (I’m glad I can still see her in the IF), I love that house livery.

Gradually, I also bought the 767…757, and eventually all the airports and maps were bought by me (which cost a lot of 38.9 hkd). In 2014, the live mode was launched. It was a wonderful thing to be able to connect with so many players at the same time. Everyone flew from KSFO to KLAX, and kept touch-n-go in KNUC.

Around 2015, I stopped playing if due to academic problems, when I was a Grade 3 player. By 2017, I was back in the IF’s cockpit, and IF had been reborn at this time, with the DC-10 / MD-11 (though I would have preferred a Tristar), everything was different, with a global map , everyone won’t get together at KNUC anymore, but I still love landing there (someone would fly a civil plane to a military airport haha).

Because of work and study, I quit if again. While not flying, my subscription never ended (this is due to auto-purchase). I’ve been keeping an eye on if’s development, but haven’t had time to enjoy it myself.

In 2021, I’m back to IF. But this time on IOS , everything was reset, including my account and experience points (poor grade 1). Work is still very busy, but I will fly online as soon as I have time, 757, 320s. …All have been remade, and newer models like 330neo and 350.

I took out the dusty yoke, cleaned it up, connected it to the ipad again, and the detailed plane and airport were in my sight. To be honest, I was really touched, it was like seeing a child grow up haha.

Right now I’m flying an American West 757 from Los Angeles to Miami. I would like to thank the development team of IF here, thank you for never giving up IF, for giving me a good memory, and everyone and I are willing to support you unconditionally and continue to love flying.


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