My Story Through the Forum, Now Let's Hear Yours

Well I got IF in 2015 after seeing it on the google play store and it did look good with the Boeing 787-9 taking off ever since then I joined the IFC and I have been with the IFC since October 2017 and I have enjoyed every second of it from hosting and joining events to being a VA CEO

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Your story honestly reminded me of you when I started, everyone started out in the same place and now a regular user of Infinite Flight flying everywhere and exploring places I couldn’t visit in Real Life was breath taking once Global was released. Many people supported me and now are good friends it’s amazing what this can do for people.

if any of you are bored here goes mine,

back when I was an immature brat(summer of 2012), I stole my sisters ipad for a bit as I was grounded (maybe a couple hours) because I wanted to look for a good flight simulator that had real world airliners. I am an airline geek as my mom works for Delta. So there was one other flight simulator that seemed good and had airliners but they would switch two of the letters so it is not exactly the name. then I found infinite flight. after I was ungrounded I asked my mom for the app and she bought it for me and from there I fell in love with it. and then after a month or so I got bored of it. then I was interested and then bored until 2014 when Iive multiplayer came out . then I was soo happy that I can fly with other players. after a few months of that I got bored but came to once in a while for a couple weeks then got bored again . Then I forgot how but I winded up here in December 2016. and then something personal happened Early 2017 where I did not fly for about seven or eight months. and when I finally came back to infinite flight and the forum it was three days before global came out. And ever since that day I have never been bored of Infinite flight

You literally say in your profile description :/

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I forgot I put that there

This is my story:

I was looking in the app store 2015 May to be exact and then I came across IF and saw all these planes, and I was like, “OMG this looks like a really good, ima install this right away”, so I ran out to my dad and said something like “can I have this game?”, he said yea, and once I installed it, I loved it once I saw all the planes and all the regions, especially Sydney region and I really enjoyed that they had the Qantas A380. I have been playing IF ever since May 2015, but then there was when global came out, my ipad couldn’t support it and I was super sad, so I had to wait until Christmas to get a new device. I got my new phone at Christmas and went to the store and bought 6 month of live. I loved global and live. It was the best update ever. But how I found IFC, I really cant remember, I think it was on IF and I pressed the IFC icon and it brought me here, then I signed up for it and instantly loved this community.



So its starts around October/November 2017. I download IF and am amazed. I then through a link in app find the IFC. In my early days i made duplicate accounts twice which i remember getting a final warning for. I then participated in my first event: [Closed] United Virtual | Holiday Getaway @ KEWR - 231500ZDEC17 which i seem to remember going wrong somehow. Maybe it didn’t. I then spent a while around the community and joined IFAF. After that i met @BlueFlame0351 and we started working on IAV which @Goran12 joined us with after i made an unauthorised VA post. After starting the VA process with insert name here and spending a few days trying to get round the TL2 restriction i finally worked out i would have to get TL2 so after a while of hard work, i got it and made a Celebratory Aerobatics Event which i remeber @Mags885 attending (he was my boss as IFAF) which made me really excited for some reason then after a period of unrest shall i say at IFAF i left. Soon after that IAV was approved in february 2018 and after that i remeber joining Porter for a while. Later in around late spring i took a break from IF for a month and i had missed a lot. Upon return my VA was a bit of a mess which i had to deal with and i left porter. Following this every second i had put into IAV and it grew well while still staying quite small which i like. From there we had our ups and downs but some member were always there (@WestJet737767 @2003iggy @FL420 @anon11948201 @ chris and others.) From there we recently had a full VA reform with a new server, thread and website. Meanwhile on the IFC i matured a bit and made some alright topics in my opinion.

I now look forward to the future.


Oh, wow, ok. Let’s go back to 2011, when I took my first trip on a plane (that I could remember, because the only trip I took before, I was 2). I had never seen one of these giant machines before, and they were so big! They had rows on rows of seats, they had so many, there were 7 in a row! (It was a 777-300ER) and there were so many people! There were also these ladies in blue shirts and pants. We flew to Amsterdam, and these ladies gave us free food! It was delicious. We landed, and our new plane to Accra wasn’t ready yet, (I was visiting Relatives in Ghana) so we decided to explore Amsterdam! We rode trams, and the big bicycle train (that’s what I called it because it had a big bicycle on the side). The last 10 hours of my life is what got me into planes, and trains.

I would do anything to go ride the C-train (Public transit train in Calgary) or go on vacation. Every time we went on a flight, I would start talking to the flight attendants and try to get into the cockpit, and I could discuss about planes for hours. Being this avgeek, I had every flight simulator on my iPad. Except Infinite flight.

I discovered the game in 2013, and I absolutely loved it. I bought the A340, 757, and 767 instantly. I would fly all of them around the SoCal region and it was the best thing ever, flying and landing the planes. I bought the St. Maarten region, and that is when I discovered the crazy KLM 747 landings there, and I spent days trying to recreate them. When live came out, I had no hesitation, and bought it on the spot. Now it was the best flight sim ever! I took a break after a couple of months with it.

Fast foreward to 2016, and I discover this forum, with hundreds of other people who play the sim! I read, and read, and read, and post and post, and I eventually make a topic, called Does Anyone Know Any Airline Management Games? Any Help Appreciated!
To make a long story short, people complained that it was in the wrong category, and flagged it, etc. This was embarrassing enough for 12 Year Old me to quit the forum.

I returned this summer break, and got to TL2, I am in a VA, I made some friends, mainly @anon11948201 and @2003iggy, and also @callum5124 and I am in the process of opening a VA, and I’m a guy that some people know, and I’m happy with that. This is my forum story.


My story is very different than all of yours, so I’ll tell mine!

It all started back in June 2017. I was growing an interest in Aviation so I was trying out many flight sims on mobile. I then stumbled upon Infinite Flight, a sim that would propel my aviation interest to all new heights! (Pun intended) so I tried it out and I loved it. I tried out live and I loved it even more!

It wouldn’t be until July 2017 when I join the forum. Unfortunately, I was quite the trouble maker and I often got suspended from the forum. But as time went on, I continued to love IF. I was caught up in all the global hype, it was just an amazing time. Then, 2 months later, in September, I bought live+, a purchase I never regretted!

Then, as October rolled around, global was officially released, and it changed my outlook on aviation forever. It was so amazing! I felt honored to be apart of such a community!

But then, on November 4th 2017, I made an awful mistake, a mistake I would regret forever. I posted 2 feature requests in one day, and that led me a permanent suspension on the forum. I was heartbroken and completely regretful. I hated myself for it.

So as time went on, countless updates were released, community events took place, it was great… but I wasn’t there to enjoy it. I just watched the forum with no account. Alone.

I obviously regretted my mistake, but I figured that it was too late to change, so I went on with it.

So fast forward months ahead, into July 2018, I emailed the IF team of they could unban my account. I told them how much I was sorry and that I regretted my mistakes dearly.

And then, the following morning, my account was unbanned! I was extremely happy! I was so thankful the team could do that for me. It was such an honor.

And then here we are today. I am not as active as I should be but I try to be as active as possible. I love this game and it’s community. IF will always hold a special place in my heart.


My Story Through The Forum

It started out between 2013-2015. I wasn’t really interested in airplanes but I came across this game called Infinte Flight and I Bought right away. I played solo, for I was hesitant to bye live for one year, but in 2017 I found an aircraft that would change my life a lot. What Aircraft was this? it was the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to me it was AMAZING! So i started watching Simply Avation and thats were the spark lit for my love of Aviation. And in September 17,2017 I found out about the community and joined right away, but never used it much, Until Christmas of that same year. I bought one month of Infinite flight live, and I Loved it so when January 25th came I begged my perants to buy me a year sub. Fast-forwarding to February, i decide it was time to join a Virtual Airline, so i joined ACVA were @natedog508 was helpful and kind to me, when i went through training there. In the first five months of 2018 i was the clumsiest pilot. Until I joined IAV. There I have met they best people ever ( @lucaviness @WestJet737767 @2003iggy @Goran12 @callum5124). Currently i am a grade 2 Infinite Flight pilot working to get my grade 3 back. And @WestJet737767 and I are getting a VA approved, Also i am a mod for @Etrain. I have recently met @GlobalFlyer1 and we do long haul together.
One last thing @PlaneCrazy has made me the best PFP thanks

The end


If only Laura & Schyllberg did this.

Got no time, getting tagged too much about irrelevant things ;) ;)


Well my story started a few years ago but with the forum it started like a year ago I even got to help someone with something personal that I’m not going to share because of privacy I helped him through one of the hardest things in life and made it easier for him and his mom to go through I would have never been able to help him if I never saw his post which is probably one of the proudest moments in my life so here you go here’s my story

Okay, so a few posts above, I already posted my story, but not as detailed as the one I will be telling now.

A few years back in 2015 I think it was, I was only 8 years old when I decided to download Infinite Flight, and I’m telling you right now that I bought a pro sub only 2 days after installing the game. Back when we had 4 orange buttons with the aircraft background. I also never gone 1 month without a subscription since the day j bought a subscription. I bought a lot of aircrafts and I remember when you didn’t get every Aircraft from the sub but atleast got to play multiplayer. I did the fun route ALL the TIME from KLAX-KNUC and I used to TRY to be realistic and not fly A380s into KNUC. So every time I saw one I got #triggered. I’m the guy who does 25 minutes of real life research before flying. So later I found a button that took me to the Wonderful Infinite Flight Community and created an account 1 Day later after the discovery. That was September 17th 2017, over a year ago. The 3rd day I created my first topic not knowing what #features is and said they should add the 737-800 SW Heart which is now in the game :) @anon40986431 helped me use the forums a lOT and then, the time came when I got the badge Member :0 I didn’t know much tho, just creating some feature requests that didn’t get closed as often and soon became a (uhh) well known member? Then I did something that got me suspended for 3 months :( I lied on a topic but I won’t go to detail. Once I got back I tried the best I can to be a active, helpful member. If you don’t know, my friends on IFC are @Aviator_Airbus , @Plane-Train-TV , @BigBert10 , @Dylan_M and @Aiden_Hindmarsh . I went to the 2018 Las Vegas Sim Expo in July and got my famous IF shirt which was on my recent (or if changed back) profile picture which many haved PMed me about. Now I’m here, doing about 5 flights a week and an active member on IFC. I absolutely will be friends with everyone on IFC, just feel free to PM me! Thanks for Reading! And here’s your awesome cookie and cake 🎂 🍪


Great story! Also glad to be your friend lol

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Just noticed the joke. Wow

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Okay. Now been member of the forum for 1 year and a half, I had a notification for a badge that I earned. I saw “Re” I screamed “OMG I’M REGULAR” And no, It was for something else. Crying

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A funny story.
I joined IFC because I searched (heavy coughing) “infinite flight simulator free subscription hack” then found IFC, it wasn’t what I was looking for but it was cool xD
And what about you?


…it’s an online forum…

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