My Story Through the Forum, Now Let's Hear Yours

I have spent an incredibly long time on this forum – longer than most. Going on three years, I have experienced some incredible highs, but also many lows. I will be sharing my journey through the forums and the Infinite Flight Communities in this post, but I need to make a note before delving into my story. Below, I am encouraging all of you to share your stories – which I am sure will be filled with funny anecdotes, but may also contain personal or embarrassing moments one may not want to be shared. For the sake of privacy among the regular community, please keep information that may harm one’s reputation or personal well-being away from the public eye. Now – I’m sure all of you have been waiting for this ;) – here’s my journey navigating the many arms of the IFC.

In early 2016, I remember digging through my “games” folder and finding something I had honestly forgotten I’d purchased. That app was Infinite Flight. I had downloaded it in 2012 on my original iPad, and god, I thought it was impossible. No matter how hard I tried to land or takeoff, I crashed and burned – literally. Big time. Nevertheless, I decided to have another look at it, just to see if any changes had been made to it. When I opened it, I saw the same colors, same layout, and same everything, really. But, I saw one change that really did inspire me to rediscover my passion for aviation that I have held since a young age. The New York region was added, and I was incredibly excited to fly there. Those were the airports I knew – they were my home. I begged my parents to let me purchase the region and they eventually relented. I can honestly say that my purchasing of the region is the sole region I stuck with Infinite Flight for as long as I have. I would spend an endless amount of time trawling the region, visiting the places I had been in the real world, thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I had finally discovered the potential I had sought for so long on I.F.

Naturally, I was eager to see other things I loved in the simulator, so I had the idea to suggest features for the development team. I thought that I had come up with some revolutionary concept, but alas, I found out only too well that others had thought of the idea of feedback before my little self. Eventually, I found my way to the old feedback forum and got hooked on the voting feature that allowed you to select which aircraft you wanted next in the sim, given two choices. I ran around, giddily voting between two planes I had not even heard of, let alone wanted in the app.

On the older site, the updated forum was linked many times, but I never really got into it at first. I thought it was mainly used for support issues and thought it had too many rules. I did, however, occasionally browse through the topics, without creating an account. I thought accounts were only for advanced users of the app. I spent many hours reading through the feature requests, eagerly awaiting the Concorde update that was obviously soon to come. I did realize in the end that those people requesting features were merely offering suggestions, which led to me “branching out” and exploring the live and general categories. Then, on July 29th, 2016 I took the leap. I saw @Pilot8’s post about needing a sunset screenshot as a chance to really showcase my stuff. I finally created an account after months on end of reading. I uploaded my unedited, uncropped picture of a Garuda 738 in Singapore landing during sunset and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Naturally, my picture was not picked and I proceeded to send @Pilot8 a strongly worded message about how great my picture was. I got reported and bam, there was a warning – which looking back now, I definitely deserved.

Back then, I thought likes were life and death, so I decided to make a rather shabby RWA post…

Ironically, these are the types of topics I despise today.
The post, however, got a positive response from the very friendly community and I was encouraged. I spent all day reading and I saw a post about VAs that intrigued me by @Daniel_Cerritos. He was interested in starting a VA and I was fascinated. I volunteered to make a website for it and I quickly became “Co-Founder” of the airline, which is still going strong today as Aviation Airlines. Obviously, the most I did for it was volunteer. My “experience” in web design consisted of adding text to a premade Weebly template for a school project. In fact, I volunteered to create three VA websites, all within one of my first days on the forum.

I then joined the IFO organizing committee. That was when I met @Thomas_Galvin and got inspired by his interesting events (If any of you haven’t seen them, I’d really recommend you check them out, they’re really cool.). I decided to “collaborate” with him on a new project called the VA World Cup. Obviously, by collaborate, I meant sticking his name on it to make it seem like I knew what I was doing – which I didn’t. The event failed, but it did pique the interest of a certain @Ben_Schenk who was starting a group to run the VA Category, which you may have heard of. I got recruited to the original group of IFVARB members and that was an opportunity I absolutely could not have passed up. I remain to be the only original IFVARB member who is still active in the Board, which is quite surprising to even myself reflecting back on it. When I first joined, I was almost banned on many occasions. I was still an idiot. Then, something changed.

I received my final warning from the VARB Administrators, then I knew. It was time to change. I made a promise to myself – I would only comment on something if it was helpful, or constructive in some way. No more mini-modding for me, nah-ah. From that change, my standing in the community who considerably improved. I joined IFATC, became a VARB Administrator and decided to actually help the community. As @JoshFly8 once said to me, “Don’t be sorry, be better.” I plan on being here for a long time to come, and I am sure that I will reflect on this post today and wonder, “What was I thinking when I wrote that?”. But we cannot predict the future, only remedy our flaws as best we can, and that’s all anyone can ask.

Now, you have all read my story, so it’s your turn. Share how you grew as a writer, and as a person through your journey navigating the ins and the outs of the forum.

No TL;DRs here, you better scroll up and read :)


That’s my mantra. Thank @THE-OP for that. ;)

You’ve made it a long way. We can only help ourselves if we improve.


Wow, very interesting story. Not to sound un-emotional or anything, but I really would not consider my time on the IFC as having any real “ups or downs”. I just came here bc I started playing IF, and I saw this community. I love aviation communities because I can meet new people who share the same passion as me, and I have to admit the IFC is definitely my favorite aviation community.


I first got IF in 2016, I was bored and wanted something to fly, so I picked it up, with the reccomndation from my friend. I instantly liked it, I didn’t really know what, but something about it just ticked with me. Overtime, I lost interest and found other “sims” and played those for a bit.

Then in 2017 I got back into it, I would fly around the KSFO region area and land and takeoff in a SWA 737 and do air crash investigations.

Then in 2018, when Global came out, I was exited. I played for a bit then got bored, I wanted to fly everywhere! I knew I couldn’t do the subscription (because I was cheap and broke) but I found a loophole. I found an Apple gift card and bought 3 months of Pro (this was when the MD-11/DC10 dropped) and I was hooked.

A few days later, I was doing some googling when I found this strange place called the Infinite Flight Community, I looked around and it looked pretty fun and so I joined. I didn’t post anything at first, and just kinda lurked around, I got my name changed in March and made my first post witch was: What are your route bucket lists?

I didn’t really do anything afterwords, I kinda forgot about this place for awhile, I read some topics and liked post, but wasn’t truly active then in July, I got back into it, I started making topics and making more posts and having a fun time, and I haven’t really stopped.

I was concerned about becoming a regular, and I wanted to become one, after a while, I didn’t care anymore, then a week later, I saw the notification
earned “regular I was so happy that the community had accepted me so much, and shaped me into a much better person

Theirs been some lows, mostly arguments, but the highs outnumber it, like all the people I’ve met and knolage I’ve gained, thank you, it’s been such a pleasure :D

This is my crazy IFC story, it’s been amazing guys, thanks again


Ahhh, the ole “Don’t be sorry, be better”. Gets um right in the feels and left without a response. My favorite go to


I don’t want people getting all “sappy” now… get some Kleenex.


It all started back in December 2017…
I had had IF way back when (space ship missions) and regions and all I did was fly the qantas A380 into Sydney to hear the gears squeal on impact on an outdated iPad mini first gen, I was trash. During that time all I wanted was to play live and be an ATC, the thought of it was thrilling;Flying with other users. Shockingly, I just wanted to be stuck In a hold short line with 15+ aircraft (for real) and talk to someone!
It wasn’t until I wandered through a Walgreens store and bought a $15 dollar iTunes credit to buy IF live on my iPhonein December 2017. I bought it and all I did was play it on the way home…and all night…and the whole next day. I joined the community shortly after watching one of swiss’ videos about the KSAN landing competion, I followed the link, made an account, drowned In confusion, and finally signed up, twice. (Noob days)
I missed the event because I well forgot, lol sorry Swiss. I got $60 from my friend on my birthday to buy live in January after the one I bought ran out, I bought it and was very sad and thought I wasted the money. I didn’t play at all until a bored February day. I was instantly rehooked and ground my way to grade 3 and fly with the pros!


n March I got grade 3 and the first flight I was ghosted…
Taxiing through others, I just inched into the other aircraft cause I left the throttle on 5%. cry
I don’t remember what made me join the forum again after being gone until March, I think it was IFATC related?
I contacted @JoshFly8 for training when I learned that I had to wait 2 months as I was ghosted. I was very upset, but I practiced and practiced until May and became extremely good at ATC considering.
PS: thanks josh for the patience in our recruitment PMs 😂
I joined IFATC in May, joined FedEx express virtual as staff, joined a million VAs which I had to cut down cause I couldn’t be an active pilot for each.
Now I’m a very happy regular, IFATC controller, dlva pilot, GAF KC-10 pilot, and FedEx staff member. Time flies!


Wow, thinking back…I first got IF a long time ago, before the MD/DC Family and Global. We still had the Space Shuttle and Regions…I got the Denver region, because I live in CO, and I had a blast. @Ethan_Chloe123 and I used to play and it was just so fun.

As far as the forums go, I’ve had my account for quite some time. I only really started using it this summer. I applied for like, I don’t know…7 VA’s…oops… I had fun though. My first post is now closed at my request, but here it is -

Fast forward a little bit, and let’s see where I am now - Event Coordinator for Delta VA, IFGAC, IFATC, and part of the Airport Editing Team. The tightly woven community we have here makes me feel so happy, every day. I love checking all of my Slack messages, helping people out, and doing things here on the community. If you want to know more about me, click on my icon and read some about me!

To everyone who helped me along my journey, and my journeys to come, I thank you. This community is truly a great place and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.



When I first joined IFC, I remember a topic called, “Worst Topic on the Forum.” I would go at people and found something wrong with almost any post I came upon. This topic that had been there for a few years (I had only been a regular for a few months), already had me as the number 1 poster. I remember a few of the other regulars telling me to cool it, as the moderators were not happy with me. That was when I took a nice break from IF, so I could reflect on everything. A while later, the topic was closed (which in hindsight I get). I’m glad that I wasn’t banned or suspended and that I was able to catch myself in time. So my message: Don’t be a dumbass.


We have a few new regulars some I posted this, I’d be really interested in hearing your stories.


My story? Well, here I go…

I found Infinte Flight in August 2016, looking for a flight SIM on my old kindle. I used my last 5 dollars of travel money and was instantly satisfied. When I flew home the next day, I was glued to my device and I barely paid attention. My love for Infinite Flight kept growing, and I joined the Community on October 27, 2016. That is when it peaked, and I dropped soon after. I started getting emails from the Forum, but didn’t pay attention. In early july, I was searching thru old websites and emails, and the Infinite Flight community popped out. I rejoined the forum in July, and did things that were odd. I kept becoming more immersed in the culture of flight and soon, before I knew it, I am a regular. I have decided and will talk to my parents so I can hopefully get an iPad and hopefully, live. I love this community, as it has changed my perception on flying and making me way more obsessed with aviation.


If any of you guys would mind if I made this thread public for others to see, please dm me :).

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I joined, became a member pretty quickly, stayed a pretty active member for a few years, became a regular, lost it, got it back and here I am.

I could go more in depth but I don’t think anyone’s that interested.


Since this topic is in need of some light, I’ll tell my story.

From as far back as I could remember, I’d been obsessed with aviation. When I was smaller, it was a terrific experience boarding planes, and of course, I always fought for the window seat.

Sequentially, I ended up finding Infinite Flight while surfing the App Store on my IPod Touch 5th gen. Prior to this, I’d tried X-Plane Mobile, and a plethora of other free sims that never quite satisfied me. Infinite Flight was different.

Once I dedicated my last bit of iTunes cash to a Live Multiplayer Subscribtion, I hopped into an F-14 in the San Francisco region; my first flight. I remember soaring over SFO at high speeds, having no idea how much this sim would change my life. This was around November, 2016. At the time, I was much younger and immature, and truthfully, too young to be on any type of public forum.

Regardless, being the rebel I was, I joined the forum a month a two after playing Infinite Flight. At the time, I was going under the name “Pancake_Nachos.” Don’t ask.

When I joined, the IFC was a very different place, especially when you consider NEO and Henrik we’re still mods.

That was until April 2017, when I finally joined the IFC as “TheInitialVirus,” with the profile pic and all. At the time, all I did was read post, never really posting anything of my own. I slowly began conforming to my surroundings when I joined IFATC in November of 2017 (Thanks for helping me pass, @Chris_S). I was introduced to many people I still know today. When I arrived, the group was a bit hectic since the addition of global, and I’m glad I was able to experience the transition.

One of the people I met was @Koby_Thomas, who eventually assisted me in creating UPS Virtual Airline, which propelled me into the IFVARB in early 2018. May I add, I had never joined a VA before, I just saw UPS was available and jumped on it. I ran that for a few months, before resigning due to personal reasons.

I now had a clean slate, and I looked towards becoming a Regular, and became more active on the forum. After jumping in and out of TL3 for a while, I finally reached a point where I was a Regular for good (August of this year). Sometime between now and the beginning of the year, I became a member of Infinite Flight News, which was on and off for a while. I’m glad to say now that IFN has become a stable place where I’m free to express many of my thoughts and feelings with an audience of hundreds of people. I’ve also become an IFATC Officer in the summer of this year, in which I consistently beat @BluePanda900 in performance expectations.

A few of my recent achievements are becoming an IFVARB member, and joining my first ever VA in IFGAC. Overall, it’s become a completely overwhelming experience, but I still maintain my presence on the Community as much as I can.

Through all of these changes, I still try to be a productive forum member. I don’t care how many likes I get, how many posts I reply to, or how many posts I read. Every time I post, my goal is to contribute something to the forum. Whether it be a casual joke, a serious remark, or just a friendly comment, I want to make some effect.

I’d say if there’s one thing that has changed about me since I’ve joined the forum is my maturity. With that, I’d like to thank all the people who told me when I was wrong, and helped me become a better person, not only on the IFC, but in real life.

I hope to continue to be a Regular of this community, and hopefully move up the ranks even more than I already have.

If you read that all, you get a cookie 🍪.


It’s all lies 😡


Now make this topic public so everyone can see how amazing I am.


Done :), hopefully we can get some more stories.


My stories nothing crazy, but for anyone who’s interested, or just bored, here goes;

It was 2015, I had just gotten back home from a trip to Paris with my family, in which we flew an Air Canada 777 to get there. After flying on that 777, aviation became the coolest thing and a tremendous interest of mine. At the time I was 12, and a little bit, well, let’s just say not smart. I asked my Dad to look for any cool “plane games” for me to play, as I had seen a few videos on YouTube. It took him a few days, but eventually he came to me with a winner, Infinite Flight.

He offered to buy me the game, as he knew my crazy interest in aviation. I was immeadtly obsessed, playing the game 24/7 and racking up tonsssss of vios F-22’s on TS1 does that. Unfortunately, I eventually got bored. I had a live subscription for a month or so, but didn’t play the game extensively.

Fast forward three years and I have just arrived in Scotland visiting family. We took an A332 on Air Transat and the flight was great. Our hotel room was very close to Edinburgh airport, and we could watch planes takeoff flying right past us. One afternoon, I was fairly bored just chilling in the hotel room, when a Qatar 788 shot past our window. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I then remembered a game that I used to play way back, Infinite Flight, and decided to give it another shot.

I got a new account, new everything, and started playing IF again. About a week after I started playing I was having a small issue with the app, and typed up my problem in google. It took me right to the IFC, where I quickly found a topic regarding the issue and my problem was solved, I decided to take a look around the IFC, and eventually created an account.

Now, on December the 6th, 2018, I have came so far from where I first started. I’ve been involved with AOVA (Aegean Virtual), since the beginning of my IF days, and still think some of the nicest people in IF are in that VA. I am an IFATC specialist, A TL2 in good standing TL3 would be nice but not a priority , a frequent user on the IFC, and frequent flyer in IF.

The IFC has changed me greatly as a person, and I am extremely greatful for that. It has made me mh h more confident talking to people that I don’t know, more respectful, and all around a better person. I see myself here for the long-term, and I hope to meet more great people along the way.


Well, I purchased Infinite Flight in 2012 when it first launched on iOS. I purchased it and with my old iPad 2 I tried and tried to be the best at flying. I never did succeed on the iPad 2, when my iPad broke I couldn’t use IF for almost 2 years. In 2016 I purchased an iPad Air 2. On there I saw many new features come. This is about the time I came to the IFC. I was looking for a way to make the graphics better because when you initially purchase the app the settings used to be all low. I searched and searched and then I was brought here. I then joined the Community on April 22nd 2017. After the Summer of working hard, I purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 and about 2 months later IF Global came out and the iPad just blew it away! I was so amazed for what I could do anytime, anywhere. In the same month Global came out, I created Tailwinds Flying Club. This was a new VO that we put together in 5hrs and submitted it and surprisingly it was approved by the IFVARB. Me and the staff were put in positions really fast and we tried and tried but we were just not ready. We regrouped quickly and changed a few things and eventually became a VO that is constantly being recognized on Live. I never could ask for more after that point. Christmas rolled around and I was flying to London for Vacation and was excited but both sad I wouldn’t be able to fly while I was there or guide TFC for the 10 days I was there. I came back and was plunged into books to study for school. Everything was going alright until April. In April TFC became severely unpopular. I was deeply saddened by this. TFC closed for 3 weeks and we re-opened as TFC 2.0 to great fanfare. Now, TFC has just added our 30th pilot which I know doesn’t sound like a lot, but we are all like family and we help eachother. An Example would be, I am having troubles with my Grandpa who is not doing too good right now and they all comforted me and did everything they could. When summer came, I was all set to be flying almost all the time which I did, towards August I had to get ready for my Junio year of High School. I was terribly stressed. But, IF always helped me escape and relax. I have made so many friends, both with Mods and users here on the IFC, some of which are in this Aviation Political Squad. I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for the IFC and everything it has give me.


Well, when I played IF for a year or so, I found a button that took me to the IFC. So I just joined the community making a post about adding the SW 737-800 Heart livery not knowing what #features catergory is. So a mod helped me to a post all about the community and I continued but did make about 5 useless topics (lol) and then finally got promoted to member! I made a few topics but soon got ingnored so I just became an active Member.