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I’ve been on this forum for 2 months, let that sink in. I am a lonely child. Someone smart can work out how many posts a day I view


I never knew I created so many topics and viewed so many posts! 😳 And in 5 months and 2 days!

I didn’t realise I was that active either 🙃

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How much is a great topic? (Likes wise)

That’s 50 likes. I don’t even have that:/


Well, I only need 13 more on one 😂 And thanks :)


50 likes is the Goal, it’s at 70 now 😊

How do I check my stats? xD

Go into your profile, click on activity, click on summary, scroll down for your stats.

Was wondering the same thing. What’s sad is that we’re both regulars xD

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I was pretty embarrassed myself when I asked it xD!

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Thank you!

Here is mine

Taken from my summary -

Topics Created - 177

Posts Created - 3079

Likes Given - 5120

Likes Received - 2598

Days Visited - 228

Posts Read - 72817

Maybe I’m not so lonely, how do I find out my read time?

Is that amount of likes throughout the whole topic?


Find read time here

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Here is mine!

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I’m pathetic.