My stats are gone

Device: Pixel 6 Pro
Operating system: Android 13

Hello, I have been using IF for almost a decade and at times I was level 3 and level 4. I stopped playing for some time and unsubscribe, and it appears that all of my previous stats are now gone. I had many years of flight time along with XP, but now it’s all gone. I’m currently a level two.

What happened?


It’s due to your inactivity in the sim, try grind landings and you’ll be there in no time!

Hey, are you sure you signed in to the correct Google account where you previously had your stats and not created a new one?

So, yes, I believe so. I’ve always purchased my subscription with the same Google Play account I’ve had since 2010, and the email matches the account I currently have.

Is there anyway I can confirm this? Or anyone I can email? Starting from scratch is not cool at all. I had so much XP and landings.

Can you send us a picture of your stats table. If you don’t know you can access you stats by clicking on your profile in-game > account > view stats. Ir

If I am not mistaken, you should still have your overall stats if you are using you correct account. Is that the case?

I’d suggest contacting the support team at for official support.

But if you have been inactive and did not fly for some time, it’s normal that it downgraded you to Grade 2. As it requires some specific flying requirements over time to maintain your Grade.

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