My standing is 100% and my XP is now 5000 Now if like to start putting it out there to apply for flying groups, such as Virtual airlines

Have already applied to two, I believe ,and am excited to learn atc and and space rule s, please contact me anytime
Be a cargo pilot for all the cargo planes in infinite flight contact me though the websit

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Thank-you, I will. Am going to the JFK fly in in a few hours, gonna get artist 8 hours in, can’t wait.


You probably will have, but try this:

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If you want you can join IFES its an escort service where you fly, sometimes you do group flights with people in the Skype chat and ours is really diverse, people living from hawaii to the caribbean. You don’t have to do escort flights all the time but we do train our pilots to fly on the advanced server even if you don’t have enough xp, we open ATC’s and train you! If your interested PM me

edit: Escort as in where you fly with other pilots and escort them to destination and we are open to suggestions like if you want to do like airshows feel free to tell us

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Ok thank you