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Since the spotting photos thread got closed, and the person who closed it wanted the photos to be in individual posts, here are some pictures I took from the ground of planes mostly coming from KSEA and KRNT.

1 is an ASIANA CARGO 747- 400
2 is an ALASKAN AIR Dash-8 Q400
3 is a LUFTHANSA A330-200
4 is a LUFTHANSA A330-200
5 is a DELTA 757-200
6 is a FACTORY 737-900 MAX
7 is taken from a DELTA 737-800
8 is an EMIRATES A380-800
I know my high-altitude photo of the a380 isn’t that good. If you have a good camera to recommend, please post it in the “good budget zoom camera” topic.

1 is a JetBlue A321
2 is a WestJet 737-700
3 is an Air Canada 777-200
4 is an Air Canada 777-200
5 is an Air Canada A320

1 is a British Airways 777-200
2 is an Alaskan Airlines Dash-8 Q400
3 is a Delta A319 (look at my profile Icon)
4 is an Alaskan Airlines Dash-8 Q400
5 is a Delta E-175

I hope you like them!



Which one is your favorite?

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My favorite is Emirates 380-000.

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